4x4 sprinter van for sale

Those who choose to own an RV carrying the famed Mercedes-Benz logo enjoy some of the best safety, productivity, and connectivity features on the market today. Assets aged 10-15 years may require increased finance charges. Add in the $7,975 option charge and there’s your $14,000. The F150-based system is shift-on-the-fly in the Quadvan setup, has a 50/50 torque split, and traction-aiding diffs are available. If anybody makes an aftermarket locking intermediate or rear differential option, I will buy it and install it to improve the performance of the vehicle. We would like to have 4×4 in our van, but not this 4×4 system. I just think that unless you’re really into trying to get your vehicle stuck, and then unstuck for personal entertainment- the additional cost is not worth it for most people. And be sure to shoot me a photo when you get the lift. Does the Sprinter 4×4 offer the same offroad performance as a purpose-built 4×4 off-road vehicle such as a Land Cruiser or Jeep? No weird tire wear or binding/chirping if left in 4wd. However the entire time we were rocking it to free the van, never once did a front tire spin. If I wanted AWD/4WD, I would definitely buy the Transit over the Sprinter. Not only that, but according to the manual you must stop, put the vehicle in neutral, hit the 4×4 button, then go back into Drive. For example, on a new. The Ultimate Limo comes fully equipped to meet your needs and is designed with comfort, luxury, and style in mind. It is a rather effective system, however it’s limited in what it can do on very slick surfaces across an open differential only providing only 33% torque to the front axle. The brand with the three-pointed-star logo is widely recognised for reliable and effective vehicles. Local Pickup. Let’s discuss some compromises of this design. I was lucky with mine and found it on a lot. Friend of mine with a 2WD has those, and is very happy. I’m more concerned with driving on snow and slick conditions so I can take my van skiing. They do not require a ridiculous 4” body lift to fit it, which gives the Transit a much better step-in height. . So that do I do is the 4×4 a good choice ? 4.3. If we really wanted a 4×4 van, we would not get the 4×4 Sprinter. Tough call! Local Pickup. Don’t take our word for it, simply read the 12+ page thread on Sprinter-Source forums entitled. We were curious what went wrong so he went back down the hill and came back up in 2WD and struggled less than when he was in 4×4. Thanks again and enjoy your van! And then there’s the noise and vibration. 8 Passenger seating arrangement w\ 2 Captain Seats and 4 Person Rear Bench. Both front seats ... 2020 Mercedes Benz Sprinter 170 4WD. It is almost like autonomous driving which is so valuable on congest California freeways and even stop and go. So, I will keep dreaming of a future when the Sprinters come with an upgraded 4WD technology, and I will be able to afford it. There are some things you should think about when choosing a 4 wheel drive van. They start with a 2WD van because none of the 4×4 hardware is “suitable” (their words). I found it because last week I got stuck in some axle deep snow in the high country in my 2017 4×4 (with low range) Sprinter Crew van, note: with factory tires. Mercedes Sprinter 4x4 suspensions are designed to have low body roll when cornering, which can be particularly handy for fragile cargo. I dont see a difference in fuel mileage, noise level or anything in those sprinters. Search . The factory is building it this month and I should have it by the end of the year. Great article! you’re stuck), you likely won’t be able to get the front wheels to roll far enough to engage 4×4. Do I like owning this 4×4 Sprinter…yes. ... 2020 Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 3500XD 4x4 Executive Limo/RV (Midwest Automotive Build) Fully Loaded! Additionally, 4 wheel drive can be engaged on pavement and not damage the drivetrain. Also- thanks for all of your blogging and youtube videos! Video on it to come. -Ken, THANK YOU – You have given us so much useful thoughtful information here! Be sure to engage the 4×4 before you need it, because once forward progress terminates (i.e. Looking for more second hand cars? The planetary gear set is only capable of delivering 33% of the torque to the front axle and 67% to the rear. Result: On snow packed surface, no chains were necessary. away Let’s throw the cost out the window and assume you have unlimited money to spend. No, I really cannot afford that. There’s no clear winner, Sprinter diesel 4×4 gets MPG and range on a single tank but horrible exhaust system, Transit gets gas exhaust but MPG and range are somewhat limited. When a person orders an SUV there is little reason not to get 4×4. 4zfed….I hope not…heading that direction. The 4ETS uses the anti-lock brake system to try and transfer some of the torque. I’ve also had several bad 4×4 experiences with other vehicles (meaning, getting stuck. I want to get the 2020 transit with the 2.0 diesel but my big hang up is trying to decide if I want 4×4 or just get the all wheel drive and put a little lift on it (or not). or Best Offer. The only problems I had was uphill in slushy snow and on the icy parking lot. Watch. Cheers from Southwest Colorado! Posts like this one posted today: https://sprinter-source.com/forums/index.php?threads/87502/ come up more often than any of us would like, and they pretty much reinforce everything in the article regarding the issues with this system. I’m wondering how they achieve that. Honestly, the integration is way better than on the Mercedes. I did a ton of research before I decided NOT to get the 4×4 option. up for sale is our hard to find 2016 mercedes sprinter 4x4 2500 170 crew van. They start with a 2WD van because none of the 4×4 hardware is “suitable” (their words). And my shopping experience was not the same as yours on the purchase. Thanks Paul. In order to get a reasonable driveshaft angle, the transfer case is clocked down. Here is the ZG-3 low range transfer case specification from Mercedes-Benz to support that. All the “theoretical” disadvantages of open vs locked differentials, 33% or 50/50 front wheel torque split, etc are fine on paper but one reason I bought my 4×4 Sprinter is due to seeing it in action rather than apparent shortcomings compared to more robust 4×4 type vehicles, as well as the ability to have on-demand 4×4 not full time AWD. Copyright © 1995-2020 eBay Inc. All Rights Reserved. Even Ford has made the switch on their upcoming engines, but they haven’t yet done it to the Transit. The point of the article was to somewhat distinguish what you get when you order, say, a Toyota 4Runner, versus the system used in the Sprinter. The van has 163,000 miles an I take very good care of it and I couldn’t be any more satisfied. When a person orders an SUV there is little reason not to get 4×4. I personally would rather my van needed external exhaust sensors replaced than it needing the heads pulled or transmission overhauled.

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