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We're sitting in this moving car with Jason [Sudeikis] and I just couldn't look him in the eye. Olivia Wilde: That's how good they are! Despite scoring some of the best reviews of the year, a Writers Guild of America nod for Best Original Screenplay and a Golden Globe nomination for Feldstein, 26, Booksmart was snubbed from the 2020 Oscars completely. In this movie, only one of them is going after a guy, and it's like the fifth thing of importance on her list. Billie Lourd thinks 'Booksmart' is a career highlight, even though the film didn't score any 2020 Oscar nominations — exclusive interview “I got judged just by my appearance and who my parents were and all that,” Lourd says of her time in high school, where she was voted “most edgy” and “most likely to be on the cover of a tabloid.” Lourd’s mom is the late Carrie Fisher while her dad Bryan Lourd is a prominent Hollywood agent. “I was obsessed with grades, really tried hard. Kaitlyn Dever: I first read the script in 2014. Every stage of development was necessary for it to get to this place. — Olivia Wilde.

Thanks to Wilde, they're able to do so free of stereotypes. The likability thing is... Well it's interesting. Then cut to 2014: Susanna Fogel did a pass on it and she made a lot of changes that updated it to where the world was in 2014—obviously a massive shift from 2009. If people assume that means you are somehow less intelligent, it's just because they're threatened by your multidimensionality. Rather than focus on the concept of female films, she says, we would all be better off simply telling good stories—"stories that are representative and authentic.".

Olivia Wilde: And that's what ends up getting her to watch it: "I thought you were a sex-positive feminist?" It's just not going to happen.

Olivia Wilde: No, because I think at that point, when it's still in the development stage, it's where the industry is and what the industry senses the audience wants at that moment.

This isn't going to work.".

“I got in there … terrible. In this movie, first of all, only one of them is going after a guy, and it's the fifth thing of importance on her list," says Feldstein, who starred alongside Saoirse Ronan in Greta Gerwig’s 2017 hit, Ladybird. Kaitlyn Dever: As incredible as romantic relationships are, I think specifically at that time in your life your best friend is the person getting you through your day. In 2016 I pitched on it, fresh off the election and furious as hell about the world, and about the inability for people to allow women to be smart and likable.

Billie Lourd: We should send it over to Cardi like, "You need to sample something? Olivia Wilde: The concept of female films, and the idea that we need more female films out there for women, even though it feels like a progressive line of thinking, it's actually putting us in another corner.

It's just about telling stories that are representative and authentic. Olivia Wilde: Katie and I are Amy and Molly 40 years later. We were so moved at a Q&A we did last week, where a sophomore in high school started crying, saying, “I'm having a tough time with my best friend right now.

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The story of Molly, played by Beanie Feldstein, and her best friend Amy, played by Kaitlyn Dever, is a rare coming-of-age romp that rejects the notion that romantic conquests are central to high school stories.

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"Even though it feels like a progressive line of thinking, it's actually putting us in another corner," admits Wilde, whose directorial debut, Booksmart, hits theaters on May 24.

Olivia Wilde: In my experience, the fear of going out and having fun, and having the chance to kind of be bad, was so connected to judgment.

Think about Thelma and Louise. The more stories we have about something, the more you can, as I said, contextualize your own and give meaning to what you're going through and feel less alone in that. I can't really think of a lot of comedies for young females. While Gigi is certainly a heightened version of an oddball party girl, Lourd says she relates to a lot of her traits when it comes down to who she is as a person. Billie Lourd: Gigi definitely seems like a psychopath.

It's like, "Well, she's not very fun." Beanie Feldstein: We shot it in the studio, so this poor grip had to make the car move. It's just so deeply special.

I'm not sure how that correlates.". It's like “Go get her! We were hitting this conversation, which of course, we are still continuing to struggle with: Can women be more than one thing? There's a lot of uncut stuff in there!

[Laughs]. You're helping me learn how to work through it." [Laughs].

“Olivia Wilde is a straight up genius, I adore her. Screw gender!

Just her intensity and her energy that she approaches a school environment with. She's there to just be Gigi.

And you realize that all that other stuff is like armor that she puts on to protect herself and protect her vulnerability.

I mean, I dealt with a lot of the Gigi reputation. But working with Olivia is just tip top.”. Get push notifications with news, features and more.

The two academic try-hards are determined to cram four years of fun into one night. By Gabe Bergad o

Underneath, she's a really kind, loyal-as-hell person.

But specifically the scenes where it's more than just the two of them, I was daunted by the intensity in which she approaches things, and intimidated by her intellect and her stubbornness, which could be perceived as "not likable," or prickly. If you would like to opt out of browser push notifications, please refer to the following instructions specific to your device and browser: Billie Lourd ‘Never Felt So Insane and So Happy’ as When She Made.

I wasn't afraid of something bad happening to me; I was aware that I would be judged, and I carried that. Call Olivia Wilde a director, but don't call her a female director. I also love that the story is of one queer girl and one straight girl, that their sexuality and their desires are celebrated by the other person. Olivia is just… I can’t fit enough positive adjectives in my mouth about that woman.

The Billionaire Boys Club star posted a heartbreaking tribute in honor of her two family members in December 2019 and encouraged other people grieving during the holidays to “feel all the feelings.”, “I do what my mom said: Take your broken heart and turn it into art,” Lourd explained to Us.

The girls have a hard time getting the address for the party they want to hit and end up at several different other ones — and Gigi hilariously pops up to surprise them every time, giving Lourd plenty screen time to just have fun.

The American Horror Story actress, 27, gushed over working alongside Olivia Wilde, Beanie Feldstein and Kaitlyn Dever in the outrageous coming of age movie. Billie Lourd had the time of her life on Olivia Wilde's Booksmart. And it's like, wait, we should all just be telling good stories.

And I said, "I am way more interested in watching them watch the porn. I think every other writer would have been like, "What is this lady doing?

Billie Lourd: Gigi is Gigi for Gigi. And at that point, it was a very different incarnation of the story; it focused on two very brilliant young women who were best friends but, aside from that, everything else was pretty massively different. It was an absolute dream,” Lourd, 26, tells PEOPLE. I just want to call her and tell her how much I love her.

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