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[49][50][51], The 330e features a four-cylinder petrol engine and an 66 kW (88 hp) electric motor. The vehicle was produced in BMW's Shenyang production plant, and has chrome trim on the doors to distinguish it from the regular F30 sedans. All-wheel drive was available in the "i xDrive" and "d xDrive" models. [70][71] Production ended in 2019 with the end of F31 Touring production in June. [23] At launch, the engine range consisted of turbocharged petrol and diesel engines in inline-4 and inline-6 configurations. The Gran Turismo body style was discontinued for the following generation, the G20 3 series as it proved to be unsuccessful in terms of sales. BMW F30/F31 — шосте покоління BMW 3-серії, представлене компанією BMW 14 жовтня 2011 року в Мюнхені. [1] The F30 also marked the 3 Series' first use of a three-cylinder engine in its 2015 facelift. Although it features a rear hatchback, the 3 Series GT is not considered a successor to the 1993–2004 3 Series Compact 3-door hatchbacks. The first units were registered in Europe by late 2015 and North American sales began in 2016. The F34 received a facelift ("Life Cycle Impulse") in mid-2016, a year after the facelift was introduced for the other body styles of the F30 generation. BMW Models; BMW Events; Forums. Інтер'єр: розкішні пороги, спортивне кермо, обшите шкірою, шкіряна оббивка з ексклюзивними смугами, дерев'яні вставки з хромом, панель в ексклюзивному коричневому кольорі (у поєднанні з коричневою оббивкою сидінь), хромові кільця навколо кнопок клімату і радіо на панелі управління, центральна консоль під хром. Ентузіасти можуть скомбінувати його з шестиступінчастою механічною коробкою передач і насолоджуватися легким зчепленням і плавним перемиканням передач[1]. [27] The wheelbase is increased by 110 mm (4.3 in) to 2,920 mm (115.0 in); this increases rear knee room by 90 mm (3.5 in)[27] and results in an overall length of 4,734 mm (186.4 in). [22], The F34 version was unveiled at the 83rd Geneva International Motor Show in 2013. BMW also introduced a separate hatchback model under the 3 Series nameplate called the '3 Series Gran Turismo'. BMW also introduced a separate hatchback model under the 3 Series nameplate called the '3 Series Gran Turismo'. [15] This body style has a designation of F31, and the launch models consisted of the 328i, 320d and the 330d. Всього виготовлено 2,652,485 автомобілів. Experience the BMW 3 Series Touring". Седан 2011 року було оснащений новітніми інформаційно-розважальними системами і системами безпеки, що роблять цей BMW одним з найбезпечніших і комфортабельних автомобілів. The 320i, 318d, and 316d models were added to the F30 range in March 2012. Основними конкурентами седанів 3 Серії вважають Mercedes C-Класу, Jaguar XE і Audi A4. The electric motor generates 210 N⋅m (150 lb⋅ft) of torque. Система курсової стійкості утримує автомобіль таким чином, що б незначне ковзання задньої частини кузова сприяло притримуванню смуги на поворотах. Congratulations on this excellent venture… what a great idea! [16] The 320i, 316d and 318d models were added in autumn of 2012. [12] The 328i xDrive and 335i xDrive went on sale in the summer of 2012. So now, obviously, I have been looking for an upgrade. In some markets, three 'trim lines' were available for the F30/F31: Modern line, Sports line and Luxury line.

Bringing the BMW community together. Доведений до меж своїх можливостей, автомобіль 328і виявився не тільки безпечним, але і приємним в управлінні. [81][82], The following are the sales of the 3 Series, according to BMW's annual reports:[83][full citation needed]. [24][25][26], A long-wheelbase sedan model having a designation of F35, was produced for the Chinese market. При повсякденній їзді спритні та енергійні автомобілі BMW 3 Series добре входять в повороти з ледь відчутним нахилом корпусу. I called the Dealership and was told that it's not "possible" to upgrade my lights for some strange reason. The F30/F31 has grown in all dimensions compared to its predecessor. [9] Early models included the 328i and 335i and (post LCI) later models including the 330i and 340i. Екстер'єр: 17-дюймові колеса, глянцевий чорний повітрозабірник і ґрати радіатора, чорні зовнішні дзеркала заднього виду, спортивна підвіска, чорний хром на вихлопній трубі. The maximum all-electric driving range is 4 km (2.5 mi), with a top speed of 75 km/h (47 mph). [69], Production of F30 generation began with the sedan body style on 28 October 2011. [3], The exterior designer for the F30 sedan was Christopher Weil[4] and exterior designer for the F31 Touring was Michael de Bono. Initial models included the 320Li, 328Li and 335Li. A new plug-in hybrid F30 model was also introduced in 2016. [20][21] These increased dimensions result in the rear wheels being located further back and lower with respect to the rear seat, and allows for three full-size rear seats. The diesel models initially used the 4-cylinder N47 and 6-cylinder N57 turbocharged engines. [44], Based on the 335i Sedan, the ActiveHybrid 3 includes a 40 kW (54 hp) synchronous electric motor, a lithium-ion battery positioned underneath the luggage area and a 2-zone climate control system with stationary air conditioning. The Alpina B3 (F30) was based on the F30 3 Series. For the sixth generation, the coupé and convertible models were spun off to create the new BMW 4 Series nameplate. The source code for the WIKI 2 extension is being checked by specialists of the Mozilla Foundation, Google, and Apple. A new plug-in hybrid F30 model was also introduced in 2016. The sixth generation of the BMW 3 Series consists of the BMW F30 (sedan version), BMW F31 (wagon version, marketed as 'Touring') and BMW F34 (fastback version, marketed as 'Gran Turismo') compact executive cars. Come join the discussion about Bimmerfest events, production numbers, programming, performance, modifications, classifieds, troubleshooting, maintenance, and more! Tail lamps also sport a wide "L" shape design seen in many BMW models. BMW also introduced a separate hatchback model under the 3 Series nameplate called the '3 Series Gran Turismo'. The M3 model (designated F80) was introduced in 2014 and is powered by the S55 twin-turbocharged straight-six engine. F10 (2011 - current) F07 (2010 - current) E60 (2004 - 2010) E39 (1997 - 2003) E34 (1989 - 1995) E28 (1982 - 1988) 6 Series; 7 & 8 Series. 1 Series; 3 Series. [48], The BMW 330e iPerformance is a plug-in hybrid unveiled at the IAA in Frankfurt in September 2015. [54][55] Changes include: The BMW 320d Efficient Dynamics was the most widely used vehicle in the London 2012 Olympics due to BMW's official partnership. [30] The styling is similar to previous generations with a sweeping bonnet, short front overhang, and long wheelbase. The BMW F30/F31/F34/F35 series is the sixth generation of the BMW 3 Series, which was launched on February 11, 2012 as the successor to the E90 3 Series.The body styles of the range are: 4-door sedan/saloon (F30 model code); 5-door estate/wagon (F31 model code, marketed as "Touring" or "Sports Wagon"); 5-door fastback (F34 model code, marketed as 3 Series Gran Turismo) The F30/F31/F34 generation was produced from October 28, 2011 to 2019 and is often collectively referred to as the F30. [37] For the 2016 facelift (LCI), the engines were updated to the 3-cylinder B38, the 4-cylinder B48 and the 6-cylinder B58. Любителі швидкої їзди зможуть зупинити свій вибір на автомобілі 340i з турбованим двигуном об'ємом 3 літри шістьма циліндрами і 320 кінськими силами. [36] These lines form the base packages upon which extra options could be specified. The powertrain is rated at a total of 188 kW (252 hp) and 420 N⋅m (310 lb⋅ft) of torque. Широкі задні ліхтарі і низький дах додає новій моделі більш спортивний вигляд. This extra length is partly facilitated by the 110 mm (4.3 in) longer wheelbase shared with the F35 long wheelbase sedan models. [16] The 320i, 316d and 318d models were added in autumn of 2012. [1] The F30 also marked the 3 Series' first use of a three-cylinder engine in its 2015 facelift. This meant that the 325i and 328i models (traditionally powered by naturally-aspirated 6-cylinder engines) now used the turbocharged 4-cylinder N20 engine. The Alpina B3 (F30) was based on the F30 3 Series. F30 (2012 - current) E90/E91/E92/E93 (2006 - current) E46 (1999 - 2006) E36 (1991 - 1999) E30 (1982 - 1993) E21 (1975 - 1983) 5 Series. It will enhance any encyclopedic page you visit with the magic of the WIKI 2 technology. Крім цього, він видає неймовірний звук. Прискорення відбувається практично без докладання зусиль завдяки м'якому і високоякісному двигуну. When powered only by the petrol engine, EPA's official combined city/highway fuel economy is 31 mpg‑US (7.6 L/100 km).[52].
Headlamps now connect to a wide kidney grill. Стандартна комплектація автомобіля досить багата і включає у себе: безпечні шини Runflat, біксенонові фари, велюрові килимки, датчик дощу, двозонний клімат-контроль, мультифункціональне рульове колесо, омивачі фар, передні сидіння з підігрівом, передній зсувний підлокітник, протитуманні фари, радіо BMW Professional CD, систему складних задніх сидінь, спортивне шкіряне рульове колесо, функцію інтелектуального екстреного виклику і центральний підлокітник на задньому сидінні. In March 2019, the BMW 3 Series (G20) was released as the successor to the F30. [19] The F34 is also 79 mm (3.1 in) taller than the F30/F31. You could also do it yourself at any point in time. Об'єм багажника збільшився на 50 літрів. [81][82], The following are the sales of the 3 Series, according to BMW's annual reports:[83][full citation needed], "Autocar" Issue 6040 Volume 275 No 12 published by Haymarket 20 March 2013, Last edited on 26 September 2020, at 03:18, "A Chassis Rig Reveals Why the E90 and F30 Feel So Different", "2016 BMW 330e Plug-In Hybrid First Drive", "2019 BMW 3 Series sedan full reveal at Paris Motor Show", "The new BMW 3 Series Sedan, Christopher Weil - Exterior Designer (10/2011)",, "New BMW 3 Series Sedan unveiling live on Facebook – Oct 14, 2011", "Der neue BMW 3er kommt am 11. "Autocar" Issue 6040 Volume 275 No 12 published by Haymarket 20 March 2013, "A Chassis Rig Reveals Why the E90 and F30 Feel So Different", "2016 BMW 330e Plug-In Hybrid First Drive", "2019 BMW 3 Series sedan full reveal at Paris Motor Show", "The new BMW 3 Series Sedan, Christopher Weil - Exterior Designer (10/2011)",, "New BMW 3 Series Sedan unveiling live on Facebook – Oct 14, 2011", "Der neue BMW 3er kommt am 11. Production of the M3 halted in October 2018. Full Forum Listing. [2] A long-wheelbase sedan version (model code F35) was sold in China.

Колісна база збільшилася на 50 мм. [49] The United States EPA rated the 2016 BMW 330e energy consumption in all-electric mode at 47 kWh per 100 miles, which translates into a combined city/highway fuel economy of 72 miles per gallon gasoline equivalent (MPG-e) (3.3 L/100 km petrol equivalent). У той час, як управління має якусь неприродну реакцію, це не заважає автомобілям бути швидкими і збалансованими на трасі.

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