dell s2417dg response time normal vs fast

On BF1 shades had a rich and natural look, with good variety. Instead of repeating observations over a range of titles, which would be similar, we will be focusing on Battlefield 1 (BF1). Please refer to the ‘2560 x 1440 (WQHD) experience on a 23.8” screen’ section of the Dell P2416D review, which is located just before the ‘Interpolation and upscaling’ section as it is here.

Bright elements such as explosions and gunfire in contrasted well with darker surroundings, whilst brighter shades appeared fairly smooth (free from obvious graininess) due to the screen surface. ‘Fast Sync’ is specifically designed at very high frame rates, ones that comfortably exceed the refresh rate ceiling of the monitor by quite some margin. At 60Hz the UFO appears noticeably blurry, with a lack of fine detail. Nvidia initially advised that users select a definite VSync setting in the driver and disable any in-game implementation, in case that implementation interfered with the smooth running of G-SYNC. Overshoot more noticeable with ULMB active, but that’s always the case and often it’s worse than this Simply follow the instructions above, but instead apply our, Whilst observing a black screen in a dark room we observed. It was also set to 85Hz, 100Hz and 120Hz with its ULMB feature active and the ‘Pulse Width’ set to its default value of ‘100’. We tested G-SYNC on a range of titles including Tom Clancy’s The Division, Star Wars Battlefront and Dirt Rally. This was again a subtle difference coming from 144Hz, but more appreciable compared to LCDs with lower refresh rates. The next step after enabling the technology is to navigate to ‘Manage 3D settings’, where you will see two settings of interest. The Nvidia-specific features such as G-SYNC and ULMB worked exactly as intended as well, busting tearing/stuttering and reducing perceived blur, respectively. The interpolation process used by the monitor does provide an image that is somewhat softer than a ~24” monitor running the resolution natively, but it is significantly better than GPU scaling in this respect. Towards the right of the bottom bezel, facing downwards, are the pressable buttons which control the OSD (On Screen Display) and power state of the monitor. One thing we feel may be more broadly appreciated is the complete lack of obvious overshoot, even during the transitions that troubled this model’s 27” counterpart. Negatives Text and UI elements were slightly smaller on the desktop, but still perfectly readable in our view, whilst games benefited from a small edge in clarity and apparent detail. You are free to manage this via your browser settings at any time - further information can be found in our Privacy Policy. Ensure that the checkbox for ‘Enable G-SYNC’ is checked and then select your preferred operating mode. A concept called ‘perceived blur’ is introduced, which is contributed to not only by the pixel responsiveness of the monitor but also the movement of your eyes as you track motion on a screen.

This film is a good test for contrast and benefits greatly from strong performance in this area, with many scenes involving bright objects or special effects lighting up very dark environments. If the game dropped to 26fps, for example, the monitor would run at 46Hz rather than simply staying at 30Hz or switching to a static 165Hz. This is faint on the reference display, which is good, but absent on the S2417DG, which is better. The monitor is not ‘flicker-free’ when ULMB is active, as the whole operating principle of strobe backlight solutions such as this involves flickering.

B= 93 G-SYNC operates as usual below this whilst a special version of VSync called ‘Fast Sync’ comes into play above this. Thin border around Monitor looks modern. The percentage deviation between each quadrant and the brightest quadrant is also provided. The interpolation process used by the monitor does provide an image that is somewhat softer than a ~24” monitor running the resolution natively, but it is significantly better than GPU scaling in this respect. You can set this up once the emitter is plugged in by opening Nvidia Control Panel and navigating to ‘Stereoscopic 3D – Set up stereoscopic 3D’. The image appears marginally brighter as well. The improvements to the pixel overdrive tuning (i.e. In our experience, it doesn’t make any difference whether it is enforced via the driver or the game. This reference screen is a Dell S2716DG set to its optimal ‘Normal’ response time setting (where applicable), which provides a useful comparison as a highly responsive 144Hz monitor that this model will naturally be compared with. hide. An emitter is not integrated into the monitor, but the technology will work provided you have the full kit (emitter + glasses). Essentially the backlight rapidly pulses on (‘on phase’) and off’ (‘on phase’), with the ‘on’ phases being much briefer than the ‘off’ phases. Elsewhere measured luminance deviated just 1-6% from the central point, which is excellent. All monitors using ULMB have this to either a similar or more extreme degree and we don’t feel it really detracts from the overall benefits of the technology. 12% and 11% deviations were recorded at ‘quadrant 9’ (bottom right) and ‘quadrant 8’ (bottom centre), respectively.
In our experience most users do find a degree of benefit from G-SYNC, sometimes a significant one, and find it difficult to go back to gaming on monitors without such a variable refresh rate technology. The ‘Fast’ response time setting is only shown at 144Hz as the nature of the trailing (or more specifically, overshoot) is the same regardless of refresh rate. The first of these is ‘Monitor Technology’, which should be set to ‘G-SYNC’ as shown below. The next step after enabling the technology is to navigate to ‘Manage 3D settings’, where you will see two settings of interest. Most users will find the clarity to be excellent even with the default setting of ‘100’, however. A note on overclocking The monitor and GPU are able to communicate with each other in a way that allows the monitor to dynamically adjust its refresh rate according to the frame rate of the content. Because the backlight is strobing, it appears quite distinct from the object – like a faint repetition of the object rather than a smooth trail behind it. Regardless of which VSync setting you select, the refresh rate of the monitor behaves in exactly the same way where the frame rate dips below the floor of operation (lowest refresh rate / frame rate supported which is 30Hz / 30fps). Individual preferences for brightness and sensitivity to flickering does vary, so some users will not mind either the reduced potential brightness or the flickering. This was in stark contrast to earlier revisions of the 27” model which featured a noticeably grainier ‘medium’ matte anti-glare surface.

There is a certain ‘HD quality’ to the image. Perceived gamma and saturation affected by TN viewing angle restrictions An emitter is not integrated into the monitor, but the technology will work provided you have the full kit (emitter + glasses). We certainly felt that G-SYNC was beneficial to the gaming experience. It was therefore not possible to get any closer than ‘2.1’ on average for the gamma, which isn’t bad really but also not quite where you’d ideally want to be. There was also some extra extra unintended detail revealed centrally and moreover lower down the screen.

ULMB can be enabled by first setting the monitor to 85Hz, 100Hz or 120Hz via Windows or the Nvidia Control Panel. This wasn’t really as obvious in-game as it is when staring at static photographs specifically highlighting it, though. Using settings we are happy to use there was a fair bit of fluctuation in frame rate, but it generally kept to triple digits (between 100fps and 165fps).

The S2417DG supports Nvidia G-SYNC via DP 1.2a (the DisplayPort input of the monitor) when used alongside a compatible GPU with a variable refresh rate range of 30 – 165Hz. The 1440p resolution is ideal for high-intensity gaming, where that little bit of extra detail can make the difference between a win and a loss. Image appears quite rich and varied straight from the box, without the sort of obvious washed out look that many ‘gaming monitors’ are cursed by We quite broadly praise the Dell S2716DG for its gaming performance, so it was interesting to see how its smaller brother performed in this role.

A smart design with minimal stand footprint, good ergonomic flexibility and some useful ports. With its large areas of individual shade this is one of our favourite tests for colour reproduction – it is rather unforgiving. G-SYNC operates as usual below this whilst a special version of VSync called ‘Fast Sync’ comes into play above this. This value reflects both the element of input lag you ‘see’ (pixel responsiveness) and that which you ‘feel’ (signal delay). If you are a renegade and are using an AMD GPU or games console with the monitor, scaling will automatically be handled by the monitor via HDMI, when gaming. It is probably referring to the "Normal Mode" vs "Fast Mode" which is a feature on this monitor that attempts to reduce response time. Colour reproduction It also improved the ‘connected feel’ and as far as framerate goes it was still a case of ‘the higher the better’ in that respect, regardless of G-SYNC. We don’t have the means to accurately measure latency with G-SYNC doing its thing, but to us it felt very much light a low latency high refresh rate monitor should with this technology active.

We would again recommend referring to the relevant section of our P2416D review for further thoughts on this comparison. As a result, blue light output from the monitor is significantly reduced – beneficial for relaxing evening viewing. Again this is typical for a TN model and not a specific weakness of this monitor only. This offers a suitable range of graphics options to allow G-SYNC to be tested over its full range of frame rates and refresh rates. The usual RGB (Red, Green and Blue) stripe subpixel layout is used, which is the default layout for modern operating systems such as Microsoft Windows and Apple’s MacOS.

With the screen at lowest height the bottom of the screen clears the desk by ~49mm (~1.93 inches) with the top of the screen ~365mm (14.37 inches) above the desk. This reduces juddering due to the fact the frame rate fits neatly into the refresh rate. The ‘Fast’ setting is available on certain newer GPUs, including the GTX 1070 used in our test system. These environments appeared natural and largely as they should, although the aforementioned saturation shifts did still apply. Activate 3D Vision What we did find more noticeable, though, was the complete lack of obvious overshoot on the S2417DG. We’d advise referring to this section of a video by Tom Petersen if you’re interested in the technology and how it works alongside G-SYNC. The Lagom text had red alternate striping for most of the screen, with just the very top of the screen (especially centrally) appearing with green striping. With the adjustments made to our ‘Optimal OSD settings’ and for our ‘Test Settings’ (ICC profile applied on top) static contrast was 850:1 which is reasonable. 3D Vision 2 Decent static contrast without ‘IPS glow’ impeding the performance and a fairly smooth appearance to the image thanks to the light matte anti-glare screen surface The red block appeared quite a rich red at the top third or so of the screen, becoming increasingly pink-looking further down the screen.

The following observations were made. Lagom’s viewing angle tests were used to more closely analyse the colour consistency and viewing angle limitations. This mode should be avoided, stick to 'normal'." Note how readily the Lagom stripe colours on the text shift and that there is even some ‘colour inversion’ beyond a certain point vertically for the desktop background. As shown in the image below, the technology will work both in ‘Full Screen’ and ‘Window’ modes, depending on the selected option.

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