delphinus constellation stars

The rear terminals are of a design we cannot recall seeing previously, but are gold-plated multi-way types that accept banana plugs, spades, ring connectors and bare wire. We can only assume that all Italian homes have ceilings of exactly the same height, which is the only way a ‘square metre’ specification could ever be accurate. The other models are the Constellation Lynx, a two-way bookshelf with a 130mm bass/midrange driver, the floor-standing three-way Cygnus, which has a 130mm bass driver and 130mm midrange driver, and the floor-standing three-way Pegasus, which has a 160mm bass driver and a 160mm midrange driver. Rather unusually for a standmount/bookshelf bass reflex design, the Chario Delphinus’ bass reflex port is located underneath the cabinet.

The speed of the cone, and the match it is with the tweeter were illustrated by the immediacy and dynamism of the piano sound on the track that follows (Ghosts Insanity Angels), although we constantly had to remind ourselves that it was composed by Hawkins, and not Michael Nyman.

Placing his faith in the gods, Arion leaped overboard – and one of the dolphins carried him on its back to Greece, where Arion later confronted his attackers and had them sentenced to death. It’s interesting that Chario named only one of its other models in the Constellation II series after one of the other neighbouring constellations (Aquarius, Aquila, Equuleus, Pegasus, Sagitta, and Vulpecula) and instead used the names of the constellations of Cygnus and Lynx, which are light-years away, instead. He says ‘even the painting of the cabinet’s central body is made by hand’, which references the fact that although the side panels are solid wood, the central top, rear, baffle and bottom panels are painted with a black paint that gives an almost ‘velveteen’ finish. This is good news not only because high-efficiency speakers sound more ‘exciting’ than lower-efficiency ones, but also because this efficiency means you’ll get the highest performance possible from your amplifier, because more of its power will be going into generating sound in your room, and less on raising the temperature inside the cabinet by heating up the drivers’ voice coils. Bath

The speaker grille is wonderfully open, as the black acoustically transparent cloth is stretched over a wooden frame that has only a very narrow periphery: there are no cross-struts. This response is purely anechoic, and with much higher resolution than the trace in Graph 1 and with no smoothing. All the drivers used by Chario are made in a factory near Ancona, on Italy’s eastern coast.

The Delphinus’s tweeter has a 38mm coated fabric dome that’s driven at its periphery by a voice coil driven by a standard ferrite magnet. This turned out to be the result of interaction between the bass driver and the reflex port. The minimum power amplification suggested to fully exploit the characteristics of the speaker is 30-watts per channel into 4Ω.’. (Similarly, Chario’s specification for cabinet depth, of 330mm, does not take into account the depth of the grille or the extent to which the speaker terminals protrude from the rear of the cabinet.

Search, locate, and gaze at your own star with the OSR Star Finder App.

Some of these main stars are known as: Some of the deep sky objects which have been discovered in Delphinus include: NGC 6934, NGC 6891, Blue Flash Nebula, NGC 7006.

It's part of the Heavenly Waters constellation family.

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