gimp tutorials

There are over a dozen tutorials on the GIMP Tutorials page on the website. Reassign GIMP shortcut keys to match Photoshop. 1. Linux Design Tools: High-end Design on a Low-end Budget? Resizing in Photoshop is handled through Image > Image Size. Starting GIMP the first time 2.1. The text effects are organized in different categories – nature, metal, light, ice, glass, fire, 3D, abstract, simple, etc. 1. Copyright © 2020 IDG Communications, Inc. The best GIMP tutorials for beginners. In GIMP filters are an institution. Master complex transitions, transformations and animations in CSS! Follow the instructions beside the lightbulb at the bottom of the window, then click Save. Desaturate the photo, use curves to make the shadows more intense. 2. As of the current version (2.10) GIMP has matured into a truly incredible photo-editing program. This tutorial is an oldie, but GIMP functionality hasn’t changed in this area. GIMP adds the new reassigned shortcut to the correct GIMP menus, so you can always see what they are. ), so no matter which filter you want to look up, it’s there. Most digital cameras shoot photos at a low resolution such as 72, 120, or 180 ppi (pixels per inch), unless you access the Settings menu and change it to a higher resolution setting such as 300 to 600 ppi. 3. Photo retouching is another common task for GIMP users. Layers and layer masks are also a core concept in GIMP. The next general tutorial on the list is ideal for helping you quickly find your way around the GIMP interface. I think these tutorials not only teach you GIMP, but also give you a fantastic overview of exactly what it can do. Don’t worry, if you haven’t heard of them – this layer masks tutorial explains everything you need to know. Next, choose Tools > Transform Tools > Move. 1. It’s targeted primarily at photographers, but covers the GIMP toolset nicely, so works as an excellent general introduction to GIMP. Undoing 3.1. Or, you can just use the Free Select tool, outline the object, select Cut, then Paste As > New Layer. 1. The larger the photo, the higher the ppi must be to avoid losing image quality. She writes the Max Productivity column for PCWorld, a monthly column for CIO, and regular feature articles for Network World. Of course, you can use QuickMasks for much more than this. Because most photos have busy backgrounds and millions of colors, the trick is to use a combination of tools to cut the object in the “foreground” out of the background, then delete or replace the background. The document lists all filters by group (blur, enhance, distort, light and shadow, noise, edge-detect, artistic, etc. This method preserves the image quality. The Toolbox 2.2. Notice that some of the shortcut keys are the same in both programs such as Copy, Cut, Paste, etc.—a CUA (Common User Access) standard that still applies. While most of us won’t need to colorize black and white photos on a daily basis, this tutorial demonstrates a raft of great techniques, including how to use masks, layers, and color tools. One of the most notable differences between GIMP and Photoshop is the variations in their GUIs. REAL ESTATE PHOTOGRAPHY TIPS FOR BEGINNERS. This tutorial is an oldie, but GIMP functionality hasn’t changed in this area. GIMP Tutorials from How to GIMP Tip 2: Reassign the shortcut keys If Photoshop and its keyboard shortcuts are part of your muscle memory, you can reassign the GIMP shortcut keys to … Click the Lasso tool. PCWorld |. A sunflower can have nine shades of yellow, and that’s okay, as long as it doesn't have any of the same colors used in the background. 07 – Understanding Layer Masks in GIMP Layers and layer masks are also a core concept in GIMP. A lot different from Photoshop, but not so confusing once you’ve tried it a few times. This last section contains the most difficult but probably the most interesting stuff – advanced tutorials. Some of the stuff in it is a little advanced, but if you need a solid intro to layers, this one is also OK. Vectors paths are another key concept in GIMP. Here are a few user tips to get you started, whether you're a rookie or a pro. Below, you will find the best GIMP tutorials for beginners that will help you in many different cases. Even if you have absolutely no idea of GIMP and design, you should be able to understand most of it. JD Sartain is a technology journalist from Boston. I suspect even GIMP veterans will have what to learn from this book, so if you have a spare hour, give it a try it. It’s not as simple as many of the online tutorials claim. Main Windows 2.1. The cursor changes into the crosshairs symbol, but before you can use it, ensure that Move the Active layer is checked in the Move panel on the left side of the screen. tech journalist, Duplicate Layer: Layer - Duplicate Layer. All the other relevant fields change automatically to maintain the image quality. It covers layers, operations with layers, layer masks, etc. Dialogs and Docking 3. Who has time to read the tutorials? That’s why I’ve compiled this list: to get you over that ‘frustration hump’ and into making cool stuff sooner.

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