how to get prep

Just book an appointment with one of our top online doctors and together you will decide if PrEP if right for you. Each time you order a new test kit and evaluation for renewal of your prescription you will be charged a $15 medical consultation fee. How does it work? So we make it as simple and affordable as accessing any preventative medicine. PrEP with PlushCare could not be easier. Like Capsule or ZocDoc, companies like Nurx are middlemen created to meet the needs of people exhausted by navigating the system on their own—for a fee, of course. There are organizations that provide PrEP education and support access, like, for those who may face more obstacles to getting the medication. document.getElementById("year").innerHTML = new Date().getFullYear(); Even though I was insured, my insurance company would only cover a percentage of the co-pay, which meant I had to use the Gilead Advancing Access program, which offers a coupon that covers what insurance won’t. Did you know, PlushCare has not had a single diagnosed HIV case among patients? PlushCare. We'll send you a three month supply of daily pills. We believe that control over our own sexual health is a fundamental right. People considered “at risk” of getting HIV are: While not specifically included on PrEP websites I found, there are other risk factors for HIV transmission, including race—Black, Latinx, and Indigenous people are disproportionately affected by HIV—age, class, and location, to consider. Getting your first PrEP prescription, and getting refills every three months, requires lab testing. Why? 99% of our patients pay nothing for the medication, and we’ll work to make the tests affordable. Nothing evokes panic about keeping up with the Joneses quite like sexual frequency. This covers your online medical consultation and review of your lab test results, and includes unlimited messaging about PrEP with our medical team until your next renewal — so you can ask questions about your lab tests or medication any time during that period. Our PrEP team is here to guide you.With insurance coverage PrEP is often covered by insurance, but it’s good to make sure. Based on your lab results, one of our medical providers will decide whether PrEP is the right choice for you. Because white blood cells normally fight off infection, HIV leads to a weakened immune system and can greatly affect the health of those who are infected, making them susceptible to all kinds of infection. “If enough people at risk of HIV take PrEP, we can stop new HIV infections and end the HIV epidemic.”. Until the day comes that health care is free and on-demand for everyone, we’re going to continue to have to struggle for access to drugs like PrEP. We accept these insurance plans and many more! If you contact your insurance company to clarify your coverage for laboratory testing, we’d recommend asking them the following questions: Do I have to use an in-network lab for lab testing? Visit with a doctor on your smartphone or. If your insurance company asks, tell them these are the tests that will be ordered for PrEP: HIV 4th generation antibody/antigen test, serum creatinine, hepatitis B surface antigen (all required), and (optionally) syphilis, gonorrhea and chlamydia testing (rectal swab, throat swab, urine collection). Before you begin PrEP you must get lab tests to confirm that you are HIV negative and have healthy kidneys. You can get PrEP online through PlushCare! However, if you are missing multiple days or are having trouble with taking a pill daily, let us know. Taking PrEP can prevent HIV. Sadly the ship has sailed on people not having sex with any random stranger willing to drop their pants....... many people who should take PrEP don’t because of concerns about the cost, the company that owns the controversial Truvada patent, distribute free PrEP to those who aren’t insured, the same people who bankrolled the development of PrEP in the first place. Based on your results, our medical team will prescribe you another three month supply of PrEP. Unless sites are targeted toward trans health care, discussions of our HIV risk factors are also not included. People who know or suspect they may have been exposed to HIV in the previous 72 hours should contact a doctor to discuss taking post-exposure prophylaxis (PEP). Pregnancy: Though PrEP is safe to use during pregnancy, we always refer pregnant women to their OB/GYN. Stay up to date on COVID-19. This is one of those things that really shouldn’t be in the hands of a “for profit” company. In a country with a crap health care system where more than a million people are living with HIV—with over 36,000 new cases reported in 2018—they’re the next best thing to a vaccine. Pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) medication works by creating protections around human cells, which prevent HIV. Unfortunately our video exam is not compatible with Safari on desktop devices. If you’re experiencing prolonged side effects, please contact us. Ask your insurance company whether PrEP for HIV prevention is covered under your plan, and what your copay will be for each month’s prescription. © HIV is a virus that attacks the white blood cells in the body. Before your three month supply runs low, we will contact you to renew your prescription and order a new HIV/STI testing kit. So if you’re a sexually active non-millionaire in America who wants to protect themself from HIV/AIDS, how do you get your hands on PrEP? $199 for comprehensive testing, which includes all of the necessary tests to get on PrEP + extra testing for additional sexually transmitted infections (STIs); OR Because we're the fastest, most affordable provider. Anyone who requests a PrEP evaluation will be charged a $15 consultation fee. Missing one dose won’t greatly affect your level of protection against HIV. We’ll bill your insurance (if you have it), help you apply for payment assistance programs, and take advantage of available discounts. If you miss a dose or skip a day, it’s ok! Your personal information is always anonymized and your personal health information is protected according to HIPAA law.Please note, if you pay with insurance, MTL will bill the cost of the lab testing to your insurance (does not include price at checkout). Pricing at local labs is dependent on your insurance coverage. First, you have to get a prescription for Truvada or Descovy from your healthcare provider. Our preferred testing option is home-based lab testing through our partner lab, which is an option in every state we are available in except for New York.

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