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She nodded. Elsa could not be sure, but she thought she sighted Hilda's short round form, her face concealed in a mask with pointed feline ears and yarn whiskers. And heaving a sigh, Anna tried to do as she was told. Cookies help us deliver our Services. Elsa. ", "I don't know. They slipped away, unnoticed, from the celebrating in the Great Hall, and made their way in a silence that could almost be touched through the deserted corridors of the palace. "Now is not the time. And he rose and began the long process of dressing himself for the evening. He was certain of one thing, however, that the turmoil of his mind was only partially owing to the letter he hoped was now en route to the Southern Isles. "No one would believe me, and I dare not tell anyone. She went to her bed and sat facing the door. ", "Well, not boring," Anna admitted. I don't know how to express –", "I'm not going to do anything to you," he whispered. Elsa has and angry melt down. She gritted her teeth, and forced out the words. second child of Maria Cowley and Alexander Alma Allen. Meanwhile, from the other side of the floor, Hans at last thought he caught sight of the red-haired princess at last among the swirl; she was in the arms of the arm of a tall ruffian with a green feather in his hat. Kristoff. “WHAT NERVE YOU HAVE TO TALK SUCH THINGS ABOUT ANOTHERS KINGDOM!” She yelled again the king looked around at the others. “I love you too” she replied. "No, it's not like that. "And keep your mask on, for heaven's sakes. Could this discussion get any worse. A maid opened the door hearing the shouting. she demanded. Elsa caught sight of her hair in the mirror and thrust her fingers into it, pushing it back from her face and giving a tiny grimace. She sighed. No. Frozen (Disney Movies) Rise of the Guardians (2012) Relationship: Elsa (Disney)/Jack Frost (Guardians of Childhood) ... “I know it’s stupid but- I’m just crazy so” Elsa said. "Do you need to –". Elsa shook her head. Hans furrowed his brow and crossed the room, taking it from the servant's platter. And he had already realized that the last two could never be one and the same thing, not with a lady of Arendelle. We've got to normalize ourselves..." Anna gestured. "Should have known...". Not unless..." he trailed off, a tiny smile breaking over his features. "Yes," she managed, lifting a delicate hand and lightly ghosting it down his sideburn. Press J to jump to the feed. The whole pretending thing doesn't mean fakeness. No one would understand, no one would believe him, that it was the truth. "I love you," he replied breathlessly. He made no reply, but bent down at an ever deepening angle, pressing hot kisses to her jaw, her collarbone, and along the edge of her gown's neckline. Watch your step! Elsa. "Hans –" Elsa called, reaching out a hand. She gasped and looked behind her. They were opposite her room. “Els? He was so close she could see the collection of light brown freckles that were spattered across his cheeks and nose, and he was looking down at her with an infinitely strange expression which caused her face to bloom with the heat of a blush. "You've been..." Elsa whispered, "...more than good to me. ", Elsa looked away. "Yes, enter," he called absently, and the door cracked open to reveal Franz, who announced: "A letter?" Enjoy this fluffy one shot!. What’s wrong?” he asked. It means normalcy. His eyes were fixed on her, and his face was pale. Hans's cautious but insistent tug on her waist pulled her closer to him as Elsa allowed him to lead her around and around the polished floor, and though at first her focus had been somewhere between his chin and the medal he wore pinned to his cravat, she gradually worked up the courage to peek at his face. - Normally I would love. "No one else could come, they're all –", "I –" The little maid stared in awe first at the extended letter, and then at the tall stately prince. Elsa was next to him, as she had been for some time now. I wish I were there! "Right, it's just been a long day...". on Pinterest. "...And I consider it the greatest honor that I am permitted to aid the Queen of Arendelle in whatever way I can.". Find the exact moment in a TV show, movie, or music video you want to share. And began talking badly about Arendelle again. Hans huffed. Let it go! /r/Frozen is the subreddit for Disney's Frozen, its sequel Frozen 2, the short film Frozen Fever, the holiday featurette Olaf's Frozen Adventure and and all other associated sequels and spinoffs. And then, standing to her side, her pale hair swept up in errant waves atop her head and entwined with summer's blossoms, was this fragile beauty that he once had tried to destroy. "What? “ENOUGH!” She yelled, and the room went silent. While eating we enjoyed the beautiful sight of the temple nearing completion, and some sweet music. He laid the mask on the table and offered her his hand. But his palms spread firmly upon her back and supported her as he deepened the kiss, his nose pressing into her cheek, and she let the tension drain from her body, and tried to ignore the sensation of his fingers playing over the exposed skin on her left shoulder. "Just... fine – I'll deal with it...", "–Later." "What are we – what are you doing?". His own mouth barely showed beneath the pointed lower edge of his mask which was the grinning wolf's sharp chin, and Elsa pulled her gaze upwards, trying to focus on his green eyes peering from behind the bronze-hued peep-holes. It's available on the web and also on Android and iOS. Jack grabbed her hand and squeezed lovingly. What a failure. Cookies help us deliver our Services. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. With a gulp, he hurried back to her side and seized her hand; his skin was warm and slightly damp against hers. At the top of the great staircase, Prince Hans joined them in full naval uniform. Elsa shuddered, and let her eyes fall closed. Ali_Ackermam, Polish_Homeless69, Lessirel, Jaxi361, awesome_sadist, fandomlovelife97, SmallCPU, potato_dad123, and MlpFanCeline He tried to return to his dressing, but his mind was all a-flutter, and he rung again, more insistently, until he received a response. He nodded, and gestured to a few people, and Anna felt cold. "I'm sure that question of the reason for my presence here has fueled many conversations around fires and in linen closets." To Hans Friedrich Westergaard of the Southern Isles, by the hand of Crown Prince Klaus Wilhelm Westergaard. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. “I love crazy” he whispered in her ear. as well as - Knox, you're crazy. "I don't know, but I didn't put it there. Something... something small.". "Highness," she amended. Hans nodded, and then stopped short.

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