it's good to be alive lds

And I feel so grateful in my heart.

Until that time, the Rushtons have learned to be patient and to tackle each day’s adversity with an eternal perspective.

Questions & Answers: Trying Something Just Once, “Good to Be Alive,” New Era, June 2015, 12–13. Previous Next Related Content.

“We have come a long way since that day in the hospital weeping in one another’s arms.

“I will never forget the moment in which I learned of the total seriousness of my husband’s injury.

Questions I had were answered in his talk. Members sat with him through the nights, reading to him from the Book of Mormon and the New Testament. 1994, 41–42. This around-the-clock companionship proved especially important as Jack silently battled depression and anxiety. All the beauty all around gets me ev’ry time. One high council member broke the silence by singing hymns at Jack’s bedside. Above: Jo Anne Rushton helps her husband prepare his lesson as Gospel Doctrine teacher. For the past several years, Mary Ann has helped Jo Anne in the mornings. It’s good to be alive. “It’s Good to Be Alive” By Allison M. Hawes A helping arm assisting Jack Rushton as he gives patriarchal blessings is symbolic of the support his family has found from the gospel and loved ones since Jack was paralyzed in an accident.

Good To Be Alive digital sheet music. Jack’s gratitude is evident in his appreciation of “simple things”—such as the relationship with his family and friends.

Photography courtesy of Jo Anne Rushton, except as noted. She also worried that her husband would never be able to hold a Church calling again.

Jo Anne has also learned to monitor the equipment upon which Jack’s life depends. 7–9). “I am often amazed at the lightness of heart I feel in caring for my husband” (see Mosiah 24:14). “I did okay in my past life, so I plan to do okay in my new life,” he explains.

We know that this is only temporary and that the resurrection will be a glorious day.”. “I knew from the beginning I would be a help to this family; I just didn’t know in what capacity,” she explains. And though there are times that try my faith and bring me to my knees. On 1 August 1989, Jack Rushton, who was then president of the Irvine California Stake, was vacationing on the coast, along with his wife, Jo Anne, and three of their six children.

We have found purpose and meaning in life, joy in being together as a family, fulfillment and peace in serving the Lord and in keeping the commandments, and most of all, the strength to face each new day and the determination not to be overcome by difficulties. “One of the great things I’ve learned is that you can have a positive attitude no matter what. It’s good to be alive. When Jack regained his ability to speak, he broke the weeks of silence with these thoughts expressed to his oldest daughter, JoLene: “I am at peace.

“The Lord visited his people in their afflictions.

It was almost as hard as the accident,” Jack remarks.

Many individuals serve the Rushtons on a regular basis. Jo Anne, his major caregiver, has had to become mechanic, nurse, physical therapist, and dietitian to her husband. In my position, I have to constantly ask myself, ‘Would I do for someone else what others have done for me?’”.

During a particularly hard time, Jo Anne remembers finding comfort in a general conference talk.


œœ smile, cause 82 j œœœœœ j œœœ j œœœœœœ j œœœ w w œœœœ I'vehadhelpa j œœœœœ j œœ j œœœœ j œœ ˙˙ œ.œœœœ ‰j œ longtheway with j œœœœ j œœ j œœœœ j œœ ˙˙-& &? Print and download Good To Be Alive sheet music by Jason Gray. “As soon as I regained consciousness in the hospital, I felt a special sense of peace,” Brother Rushton explains. A helping arm assisting Jack Rushton as he gives patriarchal blessings is symbolic of the support his family has found from the gospel and loved ones since Jack was paralyzed in an accident.

“It was very hard to be released from my calling as stake president. “The fact that I’m dependent upon others for all my physical needs has emphasized the fact that I’m totally dependent upon Heavenly Father, especially as I try to fulfill my callings,” Jack says. Below: Jack drives down the street with daughters Jaclyn (left) and Rachel. “It is the gospel, as we have done our best to live it throughout our marriage, that has sustained us,” Jo Anne says.

Good to Be Alive 9 & &? “It’s the idea of the resurrection that keeps me going—that day when we will be able to do the things together that we now can’t,” Jack adds.

82 ˙. 3:58. Here with my family and my friends, I’m right where I belong.

We are so happy to have Jack here, still blessing our home. Questions about Serving a Mission, Line upon Line: Doctrine and Covenants 18:15–16.

His condition was aggravated by the sterile solitude of the hospital.

All who come in contact with Jack are amazed at his positive attitude. It’s good to be alive.

Surrounded by the ones I love, it’s like nothing could go wrong. bbb bbb bbb A Pno. Speaking Today: “Behold Your Little Ones”, “Great Shall Be the Peace of Thy Children”, Elder Marvin J. Ashton: A Voice of Faith and Hope, Vernal Utah Tabernacle to Become a Temple, First Presidency Statement Opposing Same Gender Marriages, “It’s Good to Be Alive,” Ensign, Apr. “I know they love him and are eager to help,” she says. “The Lord knows why,” he says, “even though we don’t.”, Jo Anne has also learned to rely on faith. There, contradicting their first prognosis, doctors told Jack he would be able to live at home again. Good to Be Alive.

Though there are times that try my faith and bring me to my knees. 8:34. Download piano sheet music and audio at Arise.

Surrounded by the ones I love, it’s like nothing could go wrong. “I cannot express the peace and comfort that these people brought to me,” Jack says. Volunteers did all the construction, many arriving after finishing their regular workday and staying well past midnight.

By viewing slides, Jack was even able to “visit” the communities where he spent his childhood—Ely and Ruth, Nevada. What is the truth about marriage?

Other sisters in the ward have now been trained to assist Jo Anne with this morning task. One ward member, Tom Judson, who has traveled extensively, helps Jack vicariously visit countries around the world.

I couldn’t communicate with anyone at all.” He also had trouble sleeping because his body temperature would rise sharply, and he suffered anxiety attacks. Right: Jack and Jo Anne Rushton, who have again “found purpose and meaning in life, joy in being together as a family, fulfillment and peace in serving the Lord.” (Photo by Linda Garff.) In the years since the accident, however, there has been healing. Product Type: Musicnotes.


Allison M. Hawes is currently serving as a full-time missionary in the South Africa Durban Mission.

Life is still worthwhile, family occasions are still very happy events, and many come to our home and receive patriarchal blessings at his hand,” she continues.

Two months before Jack returned home, ward members, under the direction of Gary Anderson and Paul Colby, made plans for building a 750-square-foot addition to the house, making it wheelchair accessible. Contains printable sheet music plus an interactive, downloadable digital sheet music file. 8:34.

“Some days you’re just as strong and as valiant as you could be, and the next day you’re going crazy wondering ‘Why me?’ When you can’t go on, something is provided for you to keep you going.”.

Instruments: Voice, range: B3-G#5 Piano: Scorings: Piano/Vocal/Chords. Immediately following the accident, members of the Irvine Stake high council and Jack’s high priests group worked out a rotating schedule so someone could stay with Jack in the hospital through the night.

“I’m always uplifted when I go to their home,” says Mary Ann Davidson, a former ward member who helped Jo Anne in the mornings for more than two years.

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