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Graduate Teaching Assistant at King's College London (2010-11), a especially relations with the Germans. the notion of a French 'civil war' from 1934-1970; and twentieth-century French history. James Connolly, Marxist union leader and revolutionary who was a leading participant in the Easter Rising (April 24–29, 1916) in Dublin against British rule. In 1913 Dublin industrialists instituted a lockout against members of the union, and the resulting labour demonstrations were brutally suppressed. He was also active in the Independent Labour Party, founded in 1893 by Keir Hardie and allies. Samuel Levenson, James Connolly: a biography - Shelfmark: G24 51 Crescent, Salford, M5 4WX, UK. 2013. James Connolly was born in Edinburgh, Scotland, in June 1868. By then, the IRB’s Military Council had already made secret preparations for a Rising and fearing that Connolly would scupper their plans, they persuaded him, in January 1916, to join forces with the Irish Volunteers. My wider research interests include warfare (notably the social and James Connolly was a revolutionary socialist, a trade union leader and a political theorist. After completing my PhD, I was a visiting staff member at Connolly never abandoned his belief in socialism, but it was now supplanted as a priority by the need for a national insurrection against British rule in Ireland. also wish to assess whether this allows for a framework of behaviours Labour in Irish history - Shelfmark: G04 Report this profile; About . His expectation was that the Rising`s organisers would be shot and the rest set free. At the time of the first modern Olympic Games in 1896, James Connolly was a 27-year-old undergraduate student at Harvard. Alongside Emmanuel Debruyne, Élise Julien, and Matthias Merlaien, I co-edited the book En territoire ennemi: Expériences d'occupation, transferts, héritages (1914-1949) (Lille: Presses universitaires du Septentrion, 2018). 'occupied culture') to be proposed. Like Larkin, he was brought up in poverty, largely self-educated, attracted into politics by the labour movement and drawn through it to Ireland. From the age of fourteen to twenty he was a soldier in the British Army, spending his whole service in Ireland. LATEST NEWS. James Connolly: selected writings, edited by P Berresford Ellis - Shelfmark: G17, Erin's hope: the end and the means - Shelfmark: AG Ireland Box 2 He himself took constant risks with his own safety but even after being severely wounded on 27th April, he remained, as Patrick Pearse said, "still the guiding brain of our resistance". They had seven children together, six daughters and a boy. © Working Class Movement Library at the Sorbonne (SIRICE, Paris I and IV Universities), part of the N Connolly O'Brien, We shall rise again - Shelfmark: G34, For more bibliographical information try the James Connolly Society of the United States and Canada. Full details of how we look after data are available in our privacy policy on our Web site. My research focuses on military occupations in modern Europe, especially the experience and perspective of the French. His execution by firing squad after the Easter Rising, supported by a chair because of his wounds, significantly contributed to the mood of bitterness in Ireland. In the wake of the defeat of the Lockout and Larkin’s departure for America in 1914, Connolly became the dominant personality in Irish radical politics: not alone did he take over as the acting general secretary of the ITGWU, he assumed the editorship of the Larkin’s Irish Worker newspaper, while he retained the command of the Irish Citizen Army, the militia he founded in November 1913 to defend the Dublin workers. He also helped shape it legacy, his influence apparent in the socialist and egalitarian aspects of the Patrick Pearse-drafted proclamation. By signing up for this email, you are agreeing to news, offers, and information from Encyclopaedia Britannica. After court martial he was executed, due his injuries, seated on a wooden box in Kilmainham Jail on 12 May 1916. Websites. Donal Nevin, James Connolly: A Full Life (2005) Desperate to compete at the Olympic Games, Connolly submitted a request for a leave of absence which, according to Harvard records, was denied. Austen Morgan, James Connolly: a political biography - Shelfmark: G34 Photo: National Library of Ireland, EPH F339, Image: Illustrated London News, 5 June 1920, promoter of socialism and trade union organisation, ‘A Chronology of James Connolly’s life’ in Trade Union Information, April 1968, issued by the ICTU, Republican Warren Harding on course to land American presidency, British government denies policy of reprisals as more torture allegations emerge, World pays tribute to MacSwiney as funeral brings Cork to a standstill, Sylvia Pankhurst gets six months in prison for communist sedition, NEWSLETTER: Subscribe and get Century Ireland straight to your inbox, RTÉ - The History Show - 200 Years of Mental health, Poetry Aloud: September 1913, read by Shauna Hession, Dublin: One City One Book – Strumpet City, Éamon de Valera and the 1920 American presidential campaign, American political culture, Ireland and the League of Nations, Department of the Century, Heritage and Gaeltacht. He remained in charge even after suffering a serious injury to his ankle and remained in the GPO until surrendering on April 29th. nouvelle de l'Europe. Connolly was born in Edinburgh, the son of Irish parents. You can also drop in to browse our ground floor exhibition space any time between 1pm and 5pm Wednesdays to Fridays. C Reeve and AB Reeve, James Connolly and the United States - Shelfmark: G34 From 1903 to 1910 he lived in New York I In 1907 he founded the Irish Socialist Federation in New York. and modes of thinking under occupation (what I previously label eviFile. The Archives database contains details of our archival material including trade union records, personal papers and records of organisations. As the establishment of the IRSP suggests, Connolly had come to the belief that only an independent republic, not home rule, could deliver the socialist future the Irish working class required; and yet disillusioned with by the slow rate of progress, he left for America in 1903, again to work as a promoter of socialism and trade union organisation, most notably with the Industrial Workers of the World (IWW), which launched in 1905. Site map | Privacy policy | Cookies, Site by Treeline Digital | Powered by Treeline CMS, Take advantage from home of these WCML resources, Working lives - and workers' organisations, Manchester and Salford Women's Trade Union Council, National League of the Blind and Disabled, Protest, politics and campaigning for change, Gerrard Winstanley and the English Diggers, Liberation and its archives at the Library, If you are thinking of donating material to the Library, Voting for Change - a Collecting Cultures project, 200 years of working class movement activism, Introduction of the National Minimum Wage, James Connolly Society of the United States and Canada. Under military escort, Connolly was carried to the Red Cross hospital at Dublin Castle where hours later he signed Pearse`s surrender order on behalf of the Irish Citizen Army. In 1916 they joined with the Irish Republican Brotherhood to stage what became known as the Easter Rising and was the Commandant of the Dublin Brigade, where the most significant action took place. A Johnston, J Larragy and E McWilliams, Connolly: a Marxist analysis - Shelfmark: G34 A beautiful Irish rebel song sung here by Margo O'Donnell. I have previously taught at the University of Manchester, King's College London, and Royal Holloway, University of A leading opponent of recruitment, Connolly was, by the end of 1915, threatening to mount an armed rebellion with his small ICA if nobody else was prepared to take action. © RTÉ 2020. RTÉ is not responsible for the content of external internet sites. At the time of the first modern Olympic Games in 1896, James Connolly was a 27-year-old undergraduate student at Harvard. He joined the Council, and on the day before the Rising its members appointed him vice-president of the Irish Republic and Commandant-General, Dublin Division, Irish Army. LabEx 'Écrire une histoire Prior to moving to UCL, I held a number of different roles: during my PhD, I was a Connolly returned to Ireland in 1910, the same year he published two of his most important and influential works, a polemic on Labour, Nationality and Religion and his Marxist historical analysis, Labour in Irish History. He left school at the age of eleven and worked as a printer's devil. At the 1900 Paris Games, Connolly lost his Olympic title to his compatriot Meyer Prinstein. 2014) for the research axis 'L'Europe des guerres et des traces de guerres' Past modules include general survey courses on modern VIDEO. Desperate to compete at the Olympic Games, Connolly submitted a request for a leave of absence which, according to Harvard records, was denied. At UCL in 2020-21 I am teaching on the following undergraduate modules: I am also Director (convenor) of MA Language, Culture, History, and teach the following MA modules: At Manchester, I supervised c.30 undergraduate dissertations on topics in modern French history, and would welcome the opportunity to supervise more. project LabEx 'Écrire une histoire This was translated into German and published in Städtepartnerschaften in Europa im 20. Rhineland in the inter-war period, aiming to consider the perspective of INSTAGRAM. In 1913, with Captain Jack White, he founded the Irish Citizen's Army, to defend workers and strikers against attacks by the state forces. particular focus on military conflict, occupation, and the First World International Society for First World War Studies, a co-covenor of the Institute of Historical Research Modern French History Seminar, and an associate editor of H-France.I have co-organised multiple conferences and workshops on the military B Ransom, Connolly's Marxism - Shelfmark: G34 We are a reference library - you cannot borrow. Further Reading: My current research examines the French experience of the Allied occupation of the It was also shortlisted for the 2018 Franco-British Society Book Prize.

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