jordan peterson on stephen fry

I really like it when a certified crazy person is more normal and rational than the normal person and he does that often. Canadian psychologist Jordan Peterson and British actor and activist Stephen Fry take on American blogger Michelle Goldberg and American political commentator and academic Michael Eric Dyson in a fiery debate on political correctness in modern society. It gives a whole new meaning to this debate. I … All my adult life I have been what you might call a lefty – a soft lefty – a liberal of the most hand ringing, Milksop, milquetoast variety. I'm often censored these days, but you can help free speech by sharing my body language videos. We didn’t scream. Everyone’s so hell bent on being heard, no one is listening and damn sure no one thinking it through! Just wonderful!” and handed it over. The mistake has now been corrected. Admins may or may not choose to remove the comment or block the author.

But when you exclude others to get that diversity, just for diversity sake, you trample in another’s individual rights. (function() { Stephen Fry is the balance between the two sides that we need…reason and logic.

} Jordan Peterson is a rock star who went from 0 to 60 in 5 seconds flat; Struggles since youth with the pain of the world and is compelled to map out a path to meaning. I am soft and I can easily be swept away by harder hearts and harder intellects. I hope to learn this evening.

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For instance, someone can’t call out the incorrect usage of a descriptor while cussing and calling someone else a Nazi scum (because they have the look of a Nazi.). The materials archived, stored, and presented here, are copyrighted by their respective contributors, and may not be saved, re-transmitted, republished, or reformatted by any means, electronic or mechanical. On May 18th, the redoubtable Stephen Fry (self-admitted soft leftie) and I debated the duo of academic, author and radio host Michael Eric Dyson ( and blogger/author … Are we really that out of ideas? Peterson clearly won the debate…individual rights over group rights. We wonder why nothing is changing? Weak cheese. My real objection is that I don’t think political correctness works.

The woman Michelle… Read more », Thanx for this one ! With that out of the way, you are so spot on, that the entire video I was cheering you on!!! A verbatim speech by ” a columnist for The Daily Beast, Slate, and The New York Times” indicates she’s ill prepared for an actually debate.


); I’ve been given a huge grief already simply because I’m standing here next to Professor Peterson, which is the very reason that I am standing here in the first place. Mandy, you nailed it!

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