night gallery the escape route

Specifically, Dr. Heatherton must transplant the eyes of Sidney Resnik (Tom Bosley)—desperate for the money to repay his debts—into Claudia, granting her eleven to thirteen hours of sight.

. Despite showing no remorse for his atrocities against the Jewish people, Josef Strobe comes across as a realistic figure driven by complex motives and relatable ambitions—much in contrast to SS Captain Gunther Lutze, who, in The Twilight Zone episode entitled “Deaths-Head Revisited,” is presented as a one-dimensional sadist whose evil tendencies border on the absurd. “The Escape Route” should be praised for the performance of Richard Kiley, who adds an air of humanity to the most unsympathetic character imaginable. Submit feedback to The Twilight Zone Podcast: Ossie Davis Cast. The Twilight Zone Podcast © 2017. “The Cemetery” benefits from a chilling atmosphere, a contemptible villain, and an ironic double twist in the final act. Similar to Barbara Polk from The Twilight Zone’s “Uncle Simon” (another entry written by Rod Serling), Jeremy shows no remorse for accelerating the demise of a wealthy relative—an utterly despicable act, especially when accentuated by the callous manner of Roddy McDowell’s character. For a few moments he actually succeeds, seeing himself in the picture, the surface rippling. She tells him he has neither soul nor conscience. Host Rod Serling presents tales of horror illustrated in various paintings to teach simple moral truths by wrapping them up and disguising them in the various cloaks of fantasy, science fiction and horror.

Adblock also blocking our video and unstable our function. At a museum, an Auschwitz survivor is looking at a painting of a crucifixion. With windows positioned at the rear of her apartment complex, however, Claudia should still manage to observe the car headlights emanating from the street below—the most significant plot hole in the entire pilot episode. Click to email this to a friend (Opens in new window), Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window), Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window), Click to share on Reddit (Opens in new window), Click to share on Tumblr (Opens in new window), Click to share on Pinterest (Opens in new window), Click to share on WhatsApp (Opens in new window), Click to share on Skype (Opens in new window), Boris Sagal Director. Host Rod Serling presents tales of horror illustrated in various paintings to teach simple moral truths by wrapping them up and disguising them in the various cloaks of fantasy, science fiction and horror. In addition to its topnotch performances, this segment concludes with a clever—albeit logically flawed—twist ending. Overview. Boris Sagal, Barry Shear, Steven Spielberg. Whether the pilot sold the series, or if it was a done deal, it was a high point that Night Gallery would not achieve very often in its run. After the museum closes, he goes to a bar where they are singing the Frito Bandito song. Nevertheless, Jeremy may evoke pity when losing his mind over a morbid painting—the subtle changes of which indicate that William, though dead and buried in the family plot, will later emerge from his grave and seek revenge on his scoundrel of a nephew, who conveys a childlike fear response toward his imagined fate. Also noteworthy is the performance of McDowell, whose portrayal of Jeremy may elicit both sympathy and disgust from the viewer. He is so captivated that at closing time, a guard must ask him to leave. Failing to explore a possible redemption angle for its main character, “The Escape Route” serves only to highlight the malice and cruelty of Nazi ideology—a concept that, though worth examining, here suffers from a lack of nuance. The last of our exhibit has to do with one Joseph Strobe, a Nazi war criminal hiding in South America—a monster who wanted to be a fisherman. Post was not sent - check your email addresses! The directorial debut of Steven Spielberg, “Eyes” deserves recognition for the acting of Joan Crawford, Tom Bosley, and Barry Sullivan. Pastebin is a website where you can store text online for a set period of time. If this happen to you, please disable Adblock and re-try. Create a free acount to gain access to tons of cool features like subscribing to your favorite tv shows and receiving notifications when a new episode is released. Richard Kiley is a former Nazi living in South America. Aug 3, 2014 - This Pin was discovered by Christine K. Harris. While there, he becomes entranced by a idyllic painting of a man in a rowboat. Night Gallery: Night Gallery (The Cemetery/Eyes/The Escape Route) Directed by. Forced to give up his optic nerves in order to pay back a menacing loan shark, the character of Sidney will affect viewers of a sensitive nature. the escape route And now, the final painting. Supernatural horror and suspense fans will therefore enjoy this offering, which earns its reputation as a Night Gallery classic. If problem still occur, please report us. Astute audiences may question why Dr. Heatherton performs the operation during nighttime hours, preventing Claudia from fully enjoying her brief window of restored eyesight. Next Post Next The Dead Man. your own Pins on Pinterest

He believes he recognizes Kiley as a guard from the camp. That must have gotten her attention. An effort was even made to have the stories involve the paintings in the gallery, although the relevance in the 2nd story was a little thin. Support The Twilight Zone Podcast Securely with PayPal.

As evidenced by the opposite reactions of Claudia—a bitter, selfish woman who has no problem using others for her own advancement—and Sidney, a simple-minded but likable man with a positive outlook on his predicament, this offering demonstrates how gratitude, kindness, and humility can compensate for a terrible situation.

The Escape Route is part of the pilot episode of Night Gallery, and the first episode overall.. Especially satisfying is the comeuppance of Claudia, whose pays an awful price for her hateful attitude. I wished it lasted a little longer. Richard Kiley was the park narrator in Jurassic Park. Kiley denies it to the old man — ironic because he had only ducked into the museum to evade Israeli agents. All Rights Reserved. After an escape sequence which features a few ill-advised freeze-frames, he sneaks back into the museum. Again he gazes longingly at the painting. He kneels before the painting and begs God to put him into picture. Watch Night Gallery - Season 1 Episode 3: The Escape Route Full Episode with English subbed .

He is absorbed in viewing the picture when a concentration camp victim recognizes him—marking a new phase of his torment. She knows his true identity. D’oh! The pilot had three solid episodes. It was created by Rod Serling and broadcast on NBC.This list does not include the 25 episodes of The Sixth Sense which were edited into Night Gallery for syndication. Thank you. Six years later, we’re still getting it. The Escape Route. Black sheep nephew Jeremy Evans (Roddy McDowall) murders his rich, invalid uncle, William Hendricks (George Macready), in order to collect a handsome inheritance, preventing butler Osmund Portifoy (Ossie Davis) from receiving a fair share of the family fortune. Now dreaming of a peaceful life, Strobe is confronted by a Holocaust survivor known as Bleum (Sam Jaffe)—former prisoner in a concentration camp under Strobe’s authority.

Employing the power of suggestion to create a spooky and surreal setting, “The Cemetery” tells a tale of karmic justice without relying on copious gore and violence—unlike the majority of anthology shows (e.g.

He had a friend who died that way in one of the camps. Choose currency. DollarEuroPound Sterling. That night, through the thin walls of his apartment, he talks to neighbor Gretchen. Before settling into his new luxurious lifestyle, however, Jeremy is driven insane by the final painting of his late uncle. A rich blind woman named Claudia Menlo (Joan Crawford) blackmails Doctor Frank Heatherton (Barry Sullivan) into performing an illegal, experimental procedure. It was well done.

Just a little too real. Tales from the Crypt and Tales from the Darkside) that operate on a horror-themed premise. Forgoing the creep factor of both preceding segments, “The Escape Route” may appeal to horror fans only for its final twist involving a macabre portrait. Discover (and save!) After episodes in the pilot about a haunted painting and a crabby old woman, this is what we get? – Rod Serling. “Eyes” is a well-acted and suspenseful Night Gallery segment. Night Gallery - Season 1 Episode 3: The Escape Route. He tells her he believes he could have willed himself into the picture. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. OK, Rod. In the dark gallery, he does not see that the painting of the lake is gone, having been replaced by the painting of the crucifixion. He returns to the museum and sees the old man again. In one heart-wrenching scene, for example, Sidney exhibits gratitude for the wonderful experiences that his many years of eyesight have brought him—a powerful contrast to the perspective of Claudia, who blames both God and the world for her blindness. Not to diminish the Holocaust, but we’re just trying to have some fun here. Unfortunately for Claudia, an unforeseen problem occurs immediately after surgery.

Podcast: Play in new window | Download (Duration: 18:06 — 25.7MB) | Embed, Subscribe: Android | Email | Google Podcasts | RSS, Choose currencyU.S. Directors: Boris Sagal, Steven Spielberg, and Barry Shear, Cast: Joan Crawford, Ossie Davis, Richard Kiley, Roddy McDowell, Barry Sullivan, Tom Bosley, George Macready, Sam Jaffe, Norma Crane, Barry Atwater, George Murdock, Tom Basham, Byron Morrow, Garry Goodrow, Shannon Farnon, and Richard Hale. The Escape Route is a chilling Night Gallery tale... - YouTube Barry Shear Director. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email.

We gets it — Nazis is bad. He coolly maintains his cover by drunkenly breaking into Deutshland uber Alles. He gets his wish. The next morning, even before the museum is open, he rushes back to see the painting. All Rights Reserved.

Whether the pilot sold the series, or if it was a done deal, it was a high point that Night Gallery would not achieve very often in its run. The horror anthology series Night Gallery began on December 16, 1970 (after the television pilot for the series was aired on November 8, 1969) and ended on May 27, 1973, with three seasons and 43 episodes. Worst hooker ever. Be sure to subscribe and rate our show on iTunes, Stitcher and Google Play. This offering benefits from a ghastly ending, which may satisfy horror buffs who possess a firm sense of justice. In Twilight Zone, we got it in Death’s Head Revisited and He’s Alive. Cast & Crew Show all . Post-Post: Not to be confused with Escape … “Eyes” is a well-acted and suspenseful Night Gallery segment. Log in. The episodes were good.

Joan Crawford Cast. Assuming a false identity in South America, Nazi fugitive Josef Strobe (Richard Kiley) finds solace in a museum painting of a fisherman. Notably, Strobe desires nothing more than to avoid justice for his war crimes and lead a quiet, simple life as a fisherman—a poignant dream that compels the viewer to connect with Strobe on an emotional level. Thrill to stories adapted from short story legends such as H. P. Lovecraft and Conrad Aiken. "Imagination… its limits are only those of the mind itself."

I liked this series. He kills the old man then goes on the run. Cast: The agents find him at a bus station and he takes off. Thrill to stories adapted from short story legends such as H. P. Lovecraft and Conrad Aiken.

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