princess love birthday

You are the worst influence in me, I am surprised my mom does not hate you yet. To the strongest woman I know, happy birthday! Best birthday, angel! Lessen your sugar intake, my dearest for those cakes will surely get you a whole lot fatter. There’s nothing here on earth or up in heaven that tastes as sweet as your love, my dear. I love you, baby! One of the best gifts you can give your princess on the anniversary of her birth is a beautiful birthday wish laden with pure love. 27. Happy 4th birthday princess, I shall shower you with hugs and kisses to keep you busy today. This day is truly a special day for us because this is the day when we first had a glimpse on our angel. You are like a flower blooming prettier and prettier everyday. I love you more than anything in this world, and I will never do anything to hurt you. Sometimes, I think I am more childish than you. Happy birthday, sweetheart. 26. Your precious love saved me from drowning in the deep, cold waters of misery. You are my shining star, the one that I know will guide me through the darkest of days, dear. To me, that’s life’s most precious treasure. I heard it’s your birthday. Did you know that you’re sweeter than anything in this universe?! Check out her post below. Your embraces gives me the strength to overcome any challenge I face. You’ve been my princess since the day you were born, Happy Birthday love, I hope you have a wonderful day. I love you so much, baby. Happy birthday, angel! I wish you longer life and prosperity in God’s glory. Happy birthday to you. You are like a flower blooming prettier and prettier everyday. You certainly have made us so happy and we hope can do the same for you. What’s the plan for tonight? Hi girl friend! On your birthday, I want you to know that even when I’m dead, I will still be loving you. May He His shower divine power upon you. You were never a tomboy, fishing just wasn’t for you, you preferred the finer things and I know you still do, Happy Birthday to you princess. Blow those candles out that you just love to blow and let us start to celebrate, that you should. Couple of tequila? Great for sharing on Facebook. Can’t wait to get you your present. Happy he didn’t bother with that crazy boy’. I hope all your dreams will come true. Best birthday, bestie! That beautiful smile on your face is totally priceless, it is no wonder why we adore you so. I love you so much, baby. At the very least you love what you are doing and for that I am already happy as it is, dear. Your growth is nothing but a miracle for those strong limbs used to be a set of fragile bones. Carrying you in my tummy for 9 months is not the easiest experience I had but it’s the greatest thing in the world. I feel like the most blessed parent in the world for having a beautiful princess in you, dear. May the anointing of the Most High keep flowing in your life. Wonderful birthday! Having the honor to hold the gracious hand of a princess on her most-precious birthday is like a fairytale metamorphosing into a reality. You removed the terrible void from my life and made me so much happier. Being a toddler does not last long so better use your charms now instead of forgetting them. 20. A cuteness overload is what you truly bring every time you walk into this room, our darling. I did not make you into the princess that you are. In the few years that we have been together, you have been the best girl friend I could ever wish for. Happiest birthday to the woman I love the most. I will give you all the patience I have within this body of mine, happy 4th birthday princess. Kidding! Happy birthday, love. Get ready to party because we’ve prepared an awesome one for you. I am most humbled to be spending this time with you, dear! No one can resist you and your charms, that wonderful face and I am glad that you are mine. Wishing you all the vodka and margaritas in the world! Happy birthday, little princess. Our love has been blessed by God Himself and that’s why I know it will last forever. I could not be more lucky than this. On this very same day, I saw you for the first time and I cried my heart out for joy. Happy birthday, princess. God bless you much. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Every second of my life, I thank the Lord in heavens for giving such a wonderful gift to me. Sweetheart, you are and will never stop being the only woman my heart beats for. Best birthday. And last but not least We also want to wish your princess a very happy birthday. Happy birthday to you. I want you to keep on being happy as you grow up, I wonder how it is happening so fast. You’ve given us something that no one else could ever do — a daughter’s undying love, concern, loyalty, and devotion. At the root of my happiness is your sweet love. Happy birthday, my beloved princess! Carrying you in my tummy for 9 months is not the easiest experience I had but it’s the greatest thing in the world. You are not able to wish for anything but a doll so I shall wish you good health and happiness. You talk too fast little sweetheart but bless us all for every word you say sounds so lovely to us.

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