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From there, head over to Matterhorn. It’s a good 2nd/3rd FP choice for the day, however (after Space Mountain and Maybe Indy/Splash if it’s hot). They also use metal detectors too. Not only are these timeless attractions a quintessential part of the Disneyland experience, but several don’t have FastPass and are easy to knock out in the morning in quick succession. You’ll always find someone willing to tell you to “start left—that side of the park is empty!” They’re not wrong about it being empty…but so what? The best way to visit the most rides at Disneyland is to visit those rides that get long waits as early as possible. If Alice in Wonderland jumps to 20 or 30 minutes, consider pushing it into the afternoon. They’re our favorite part of the park. Why? If It Starts to Look Like This in the Parks, It Might Be Time For a Break! UPDATE (1/6): Boarding groups lasted for about 10 minutes this morning, a notable improvement over what we see in the post below. If you leave Peter Pan’s Flight and can walk right onto Dumbo, feel free to do that first. What is it, why do you do it, and how do you pull it off successfully? Are you trying to ride every ride? Rope Drop happens every morning at all of the parks at Walt Disney World and although it sounds fancy, all Rope Drop means is the time of morning when Cast Members officially starts letting guests onto the attractions – not when they let people into the park.. Here’s how that works… Guest Post Guidelines Check out our Rise of the Resistance boarding group guide (HERE) for more tips and info. EVERYONE will be heading towards the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train ride. You’re probably already exhausted from your exciting trip so far. Rope drop at Disneyland is an experience that can be enjoyable or miserable, depending upon how you prepare for it. Rope Drop is an antiquated term that hearkens back to the earliest days of Disneyland. Finally, before you head out, be sure to check out our to-the-point packing list, 10 essentials you forget to pack for every Disney trip. What is rope drop? As for tickets, check out where to find discount Disneyland tickets. About an hour before the park’s scheduled opening time. Aims to Open by End of 2020. It’s another beast entirely. Time is of the essence! With mini-reviews of every single restaurant, bar, lounge, kiosk and more; an entire chapter on the best snacks in Disney World; full Disney Dining Plan analysis (and how to get FREE dining); and a full chapter on discounts and deals; you'll have everything you need to plan your best vacation yet. What’s New at EPCOT: Halloween Donuts, a Touch of Christmas, and a TON of Passholder Magnets! It’s not a huge head-start, so if you’d rather hang back and enjoy the Esplanade without being in a cramped line, don’t worry. Rope drop is simply another way to say park opening time. All-Star Movies Resort Reopening Date Announced for Disney World! As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. It’s always possible that Disney could be changing the size of the boarding groups, but we don’t have access to that data. It opened in the summer of 2018. Then hop in line for Big Thunder Mountain Railroad and then Splash Mountain. The block lifted on Friday, likely making this weekend one of the worst that we’ve seen yet. Security screen procedures do vary a little depending on what your arrival method is. Then, when those attractions dump you out, you still have a modest walk to the next attraction. Have you read my all-time most popular post? Experience the parks and rides before the crowds descend and the madness begins! I am a husband, father, martial artist, budget-master, Disney-addict, musician, and recovering foodie. Then you’ll then have to walk back to Fantasyland and Tomorrowland because that’s where you need to be in the morning anyways. Another factor that has very likely contributed to the crowds is the unblocking of some of the lower levels of Annual Pass to the park. Sticking with this plan is likely going to be your best option. When we visited the park yesterday morning, Disney opened the tappoints at 6:10am, 50 minutes before boarding groups would become available. Hi, wanting to do an empty castle photo shot with a toddler the first week of August. For some of us, a trip to Disneyland isn’t just a stroll in the park. Ever Want Your Own Personalized Retro Disneyland Sign? Rope drop typically happens around 15 to 30 minutes before the official park opening time. The reason that Fantasyland is the “correct” place to start is quite simple: the minimum completion time for every attraction in Fantasyland is significantly less than alternatives around Disneyland. First things first…. We are driving up from San Diego. Fantasyland will have significantly more rides regardless, most of which are lower capacity. My most magical Disney day was unquestionably the time we beat all the crowds to be the first people on Peter Pan one morning (followed closely by being the last riders on Haunted Mansion on a different night). New Rope Drop Procedure. So we plan on rope dropping everyday! Before rope drop happens, they have a welcome show (currently called Let the Magic Begin). Your email address will not be published. Then, and only then, will they drop the ropes and let you into the park. Recommended Disney World Restaurants for First-Timers, Recommended Disneyland Restaurants for First-Timers. Then your second FASTPASS will be Space Mountain. While it might be tempting to get in line for this ride along with everyone else after rope drop happens, it’s probably a better strategy to ride another of the popular rides first like Peter Pan’s Flight. Just click that link to read it on my site. A Case for More Virtual Queues In The Disney Parks When They Reopen, A BIG Piece of NEW Disney World Planning Advice You’re Not Thinking About. Like all the other parks at Walt Disney World in Orlando, park opening times vary, but often is at 9 am. All Rights Reserved, 7 Of The Best Things To Do At Epcot Japan. If you saw that everyone was able to enter by park opening, that would signal lower crowds than what we’ve observed. Fewer hours, fewer guests per group? Then after the show finishes, the cast member will drop the rope. An Analysis. Each park handles their “rope drop” procedure a bit differently, but you can rest assured that many guests each day will show up to be a part of it! Everyone has their own unique strategy for how they like to tackle all four of the Disney World theme parks during their vacations! When the park opens, head directly to Peter Pan’s Flight. When it happens a Disney cast member will escort the crowds to ride entrances. Second, about five minutes later, guests are actually let into the park. What is your Disneyland rope drop strategy? Before the park officially opens, Disney lets guests start to enter through the front gate. It’s possible that less guests were excited about the 6am open that the park experienced when you visited. We are not financial or legal experts or advisors, and the contents of this site should not be considered as or a substitute for financial advice. Beating the crowd is part of the game for me:) I like what he writes about heading to less crowded frontier land / new orleans next. Or maybe your teenager wants as many thrills as possible. There are a bunch of competing theories about how you should ‘zig when others zag’ and go to some other land instead. My prediction is that most people will head to Galaxy’s Edge at park opening, creating a ~2 hour window when the rest of the park is *less* crowded than normal. Yes. While we think that a lot of guests benefit from backup boarding groups, they aren’t protected by the FastPass+ recovery options should Disney not call your group. . I have a page on my website dedicated to bringing you all the current limitations, restrictions, opening dates, and all the details you need to know about visiting all the Disney parks worldwide. RotR Will be open… hopefully! Extra Magic Hour allows guests of Disney hotels to access Disneyland an hour early on select days. Click to learn more about me, Your email address will not be published. I like the old beat the rope drop by making early breakfast reservations in the park works well in MK. Now, we’re going to move on to two specific strategies for rope drop at Disneyland. It’s simply when the lands and attractions officially open, which is synonymous with the published park opening time. But with rope drop, you’re going to be pushing yourself — skipping those much-needed couple hours of extra sleep, and maybe even breakfast or your cup of coffee. Filed Under: Animal Kingdom, disney's hollywood studios, Epcot, Featured, magic kingdom, Walt Disney World Tagged With: Animal Kingdom, beginner disney world, Boarding Groups, Disney World, disney world 101, Epcot, first trip to disney world, Hollywood Studios, magic kingdom, opening time, Rise of the Resistance, rope drop, rope dropping, virtual queue, Walt Disney World, what is rope dropping. Sure, all the cool kids are doing it, but it might not be the best plan for you and your fam! If, however, you can get a FastPass for Slinky Dog Dash, then I would consider heading to Jedi Training: Trials of the Temple. The exact time depends upon crowds, but we’ve experienced this as early as an hour before park opening, but more commonly around 30 minutes before official park opening. In fact, heading right to the Slinky Dog Dash is the best strategy to avoid the 1-2 hour lines that will be there the rest of the day. This is a relatively new change, with previous openings around 30 minutes prior to boarding group open. Your email address will not be published. Disneyland’s turnstiles typically open 30-45 minutes before park opening. They have short queues, no pre-show, and dump you right out near other attraction entrances. The opinions expressed here are those of the author. Depending on the precise protocols at a park on a day, Cast Members may actually have a rope up cutting off people from the park which is dropped when the park opens. NOW you can proceed into the land of your choice. Ideally, you’ll have an early return time and will be able to do Space Mountain after your first wave of attractions, once lines start building. If you’re in the process of planning and researching a Walt Disney World getaway, chances are you’ve heard the term “Rope Drop.” bandied about. Disney Helped Make-A-Wish Grant Its 500,000th Wish! 10, 15 more minutes of guests entering would have not seen any significant increase in numbers waiting. Simply take a right down Sunset Blvd and head towards Tower of Terror if you’d like to ride either one of these attractions first thing in the morning. We explored exactly what it is, when it happens, if it happens at all of the Disney parks at WDW and how to best take advantage of it for your next visit. Middle Class Dad is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to

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