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She reminds him she fell in love with him because he’s a fighter. Während ihrer Reisen von Texas nach Georgia erlitt ihre Gruppe wiederholt Verluste, bis Rosita neben Abraham und Eugene das verbleibende Mitglied ihrer Gruppe war. For the episode "Four Walls and a Roof", Zack Handlen for The A.V. Norris • Rosita sorrowfully protests as Negan leaves Alexandria. Charlyne • Seven and a half years after All Out War, Gabriel and Rosita have started a romantic relationship. Dark Brown Richard • Rosita is making a weapon trying to escape the train car, made by removing her earrings and attaching them to a belt. In the episode "Forget", Rosita arrives at Deanna's party with Abraham. However, it is unknown if the relationship is just sexual or romantic as she was reluctant to accept his dinner invitation, but eventually said yes. Gareth • This has been hinted at in her maturity growing, following her interaction with Holly during Abraham's funeral. Während dieser Zeit entwickelte sie eine engere Verbindung zu Abraham und verliebte sich schließlich in ihn, sodass sich Abraham von dem emotionalen Trauma lösen konnte, das aus dem Tod seiner Familie herrührte. (Unnamed) - BrotherJohnny - Ex-LoverMarcus - Ex-Lover"Chaser" - Ex-LoverAbraham Ford - Ex-Boyfriend (Deceased)Spencer Monroe - Former Lover (Deceased)Siddiq - Ex-Lover (Deceased)Gabriel Stokes - BoyfriendSocorro Espinosa - Daughter(Unnamed) - NephewJudith Grimes - Adopted NieceR.J. Rosita stops him from doing so, implying that she doesn't feel the same way about him. In "East", Rosita appears jealous and resentful of Abraham and Sasha, and goes after Daryl who seeks vengeance on Dwight, but this leads to her capture. Nick • Kelly • Kent • After finding another of Maggie's messages next to a dark tunnel, Rosita, Abraham, and Eugene depart to continue their journey to Washington, D.C., whereas Glenn and Tara stay to look for Maggie. She then arrives at Alexandria. Feeling hurt by his indifference, she claims that maybe Dante was right about them not being as strong as they thought. Created by Frank Darabont, Angela Kang. Later, Rosita is seen in bed recovering with Tara by her side. While there, Abraham breaks up with her to be with Holly. As Maggie’s right hand man at Hilltop, Jesus is her voice of reason and understanding, even if they don’t always agree. The two try to track her by themselves. Jerry • Like the majority of the group, Rosita was pinned down in Gabriel's church by The Hunters and she remained behind while Abraham and the other leaders took care of them. After she does so, Abraham, Rosita, and Eugene pull their truck up to her. They return to Alexandria to find Negan and the Saviors already there. Wayne • Rosita calls out to Spencer as he walks down the street. Rosita reassures Daryl that his actions were not responsible for the Saviors' escape, and even if they were, it was just a mistake, just like when she made a mistake going after Negan the first time, that lead Sasha's capture and sacrifice.

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