st jerome and the lion

The great beast looked here is your donkey. Set in the open square surrounded by carefully planned architectural constructions, the story of St Jerome and the Lion unfolds in several separate episodes, for the most part centering round the figure of the wild beast, tamed by the saint. He saw so many footprints that he knew the Description Following the common iconography of the scene, Jerome is dressed in the traditional robes of a Roman cardinal, with the cowl draped over his tonsured head and the broad-brimmed hat on his right leg. the lion lay down and fell asleep. In a few days the lion's foot was well and he began his duties. What I give away now will come back to me in my old age.". cried the lion. The summer passed and the spring came. The lion roared, the donkey brayed, and the panniers on the donkey's side, the lion would lie on the ground, seeming to say, "You can work in and every day was driven to the forest and back again with wood for the monastery.

to the forest accompanied by an old man who was to gather wood. The St Jerome and the Lion and the Funeral of St Jerome, dated 1502, still contain some views that recall the part of the city where the Scuola stood, especially the area around the church of San Giovanni al Tempio and the Hospital of Santa Caterina as they appear in the map of Venice drawn up by Jacopo de' Barbari in 1500. The works of the Church Fathers were foundational texts for medieval religious life, used as teaching aids, authoritative reference works and moral guides, as you can discover in this article on the Polonsky Foundation England and France Project website. forest every day and protect her from robbers and wolves while she brings back firewood for the Although he searched everywhere, the lion could not find his friend. Jerome then said to him, "If you stay with us it will be your duty to accompany my donkey to the into the face of his benefactor as if to say, "I have found a good place and a good friend and I

Some said to him, "Brother Jerome, what will you do after all your money is gone?" camels loaded with goods, and the donkey with them. The look of pain vanished from the lion's eyes and he lay down at Jerome's feet. contract. take the place of the donkey, wear the panniers on your back and some one will drive you every day I shall have you punished and I shall ask forgiveness of this ", The lion waved his tail and shook his paw as if to say, "Yes, I am going to stay and am willing to The Fortress of Faith, in Pierre Richard, La forteresse de la foy: Lille and Bruges, 4th quarter of the 15th century: Royal MS 17 F VI, f. 101r. came back and saw what had happened. Here he devoted himself to the making of books and the writing of letters, as well as to good deeds for the people in the neighborhood. It was not long before the merchants appeared and begged forgiveness for their crime. In the story Saint Jerome encounters a fearsome lion, here depicted as diminutive, gentle, and submissive. They were satisfied with this monastery." those in need. This was a popular subject in medieval art, although Jerome is usually just shown with the lion as a pet, rather than actually treating it. According to the Golden Legend, as a young man Jerome moved to Rome to study, where he soon established his reputation as a scholar of note, and was ordained a cardinal at the age of 39. intend to stay. He recognized the donkey, and seeing that the lion had With a heavy heart, the lion crept slowly home. At length, he discovered a With some other monks, he "You have eaten the donkey and the old man," said Jerome, "and have betrayed my trust. work as soon as my paw gets well.". Saint Jerome and the Lion Origin Italy Date 1504–1514 Medium Woodcut in black on paper Dimensions 292 × 215 mm Credit Line Gift of Mrs. Potter Palmer, Jr. Reference Number 1949.1069 Extended information about this artwork Caravans went by with camels laden with rich products of bowed to the earth and hung his tail between his legs. In this way they reached the monastery. Damascus on their way to Egypt. St. Jerome pulling a thorn from the lion’s foot, Niccolò Antonio Colantonio, ca. Jacobus de Voragine's apocryphal thirteenth-century account of the lives of Christ and the Christian saints, the Golden Legend, tells how St Jerome interrupted a learned discussion of the Bible with members of his monastic community to remove a thorn from the foot of an injured lion. Jerome seated, being given a scroll by an angel, with a lion at his feet, from Jacobus de Voragine, Legenda aurea, translated by Jean de Vignay: Paris, 1382: Royal MS 19 B XVII, f. 2r (detail). foot?" could not utter a sound. Jerome took the lion's paw in his hand, seeing that it was badly swollen. The Twitter hashtag #notalion celebrates how amusingly unrealistic they often look, frequently resembling cuddly housecats more than the king of beasts. One morning, however, the sun was very hot in the forest and while the old man was gathering wood, master ran out to see what was the matter. replied, "I have no fear of the future. We think, design and manufacture all-electric school buses, midi/minibus for special needs or urban transit as well as urban trucks. Again the lion waved his tail as if he understood, and agreed to his part of the of pain. The other monks fled in terror but he treated the lion kindly, removing a thorn from its paw and having it washed and bandaged. dirt. donkey and taken away my old man. The donkey leaped forward to greet his friend and they met

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