the most beautiful city in nigeria

The city of Portharcourt fondly called “pitakwa” or “P.H” is situated in Rivers State and it’s also its capital. Abuja is a place to be. Many Nigerians, especially those from Cross River State, tout about Calabar being the most beautiful city in Nigeria. Yes please!. Calabar carnival is the most attended and celebrated road carnival in the whole of Africa. But the English language is widely spoken in Abuja amongst others like; Yoruba, Hausa, etc. The most beautiful cities in Nigeria you need to know. NaijaOnline - Naija Best Guide, News & Tips. These have earned Lagos a spot on my list as one of the most beautiful cities in Nigeria. Required fields are marked *, USCIS Citizenship Test | Apply Now For Free. She blogs, writes books and creates web content while relishing a cup of her favorite caffe latte. Here we present  you with the top 5 most beautiful cities presently in Nigeria. Things are relatively cheap in the city, which means with little budget you can tour the city with your family. If you’re visitor from another country to Nigeria and you’re looking for the best place and/or event, Calabar carnival is the best answer. Calabar is the best and first city to accept new model developement in Nigeria. These places include: Who would say Calabar isn’t one of the most beautiful cities in Nigeria? This list wouldn’t be complete if Enugu isn’t here. 4: Calabar, Crossriver. visit Toscana every weekend to have fun with fans. It`s similar to Brazil`s capital Brasilia. The Ibibio language is widely spoken in this city. Life is meant to be enjoyed anyway, be it birthday, honeymoon, vacation, excursion for students, tour or even to explore Nigeria as a visitor from another country, these cities will satisfy your taste. LIST OF FOODS THAT CAN PROTECT YOU FROM MOSQUITO BITES. If you are probably looking for a place to relax and enjoy life’s awesomeness then Owerri should be on your list. ; Well, you should go see for yourself the beauty enclosed in this gorgeous city probably on your next vacation. Rivers state also produced the Miss Nigeria winners for 1980 (Syster Jack) and 2001 (Valerie Peterside), although the latter was eventually dethroned due to issues with her WAEC result.Lagos. Nothing much to talk about this city, as it happens to be The Most Beautiful City In Nigeria. The country has a number of developed cities with magnificent landscapes. With places like; Ngwo Pine Forest, National Museum of Unity, Nike Lake Resort, Enugu Golf Course, Milken Hills, Ezeagu Tourist Complex, Awhum Cave and Waterfall, Bona Gallery, Macdavos, and other beautiful sites; Enugu is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful cities in Nigeria.”. Enugu is no doubt one of the best cities to visit in Nigeria. Abuja as we all know is the capital city of Nigeria located in the center of the country and was built in the 1980s. Its calmness separates Abuja from the rest. This is sole because most of us haven’t been exposed to the beauty of this great country. When we say Lagos, we are talking about one of the smallest states in Nigeria. LIST OF NATURAL RESOURCES IN NIGERIA AND THEIR LOCATIONS. You may not know this if you haven’t been to Warri before, the city is really beautiful with amazing roads and road light including flowers that made it look like small london at night. I would mention but a few places that make Calabar one of the most beautiful in the country. You should be surprised if you have not visited Abakaliki in the past four (4) years. If you have ever been to Calabar, you would agree with me that this city is a very beautiful one, with so many tourist centers and relaxation spots of attraction and you have possibly heard of the different carnivals and festivals done yearly in the city which attracts people from all works of life. Most of the headquarters of the government agencies are situated in Abuja, and it is from here that the government of Nigeria is run down to the grassroots. Enugu is known as “the coal city” and the capital of Enugu State. Warri sits on the back of River Warri which joins River Forcados and River Escravos through Jone Creek in the lower Niger Delta Region. The Most Beautiful City In Nigeria. Until you pay a visit to Abuja, you may never realise how noisy your current city is. 3. It is rich in oil and holds great financial opportunities and thus, one of the modernized cities of Nigeria. Port Harcourt. Every year, Calabar plas hosts to Africa’s biggest street party known as the Calabar Carnival, where a wide range of colourful cultural costumes are displayed. Yes! Calabar is a city in southern Nigeria in Cross River State. Some exciting places to visit while in Warri are the Abraka Golf Course, Warri City Stadium, Delta City Mall, NNPC Senior Staff, Nana Living History Museum, Red Mangrove swamp, and many more over on 911 Resorts, you will enjoy yourself. In Abuja, there are beautiful things around to make you feel relaxed and hope for better days. Our number one most beautiful city in Nigeria.. Abuja. Top 10 Most Beautiful Cities In Nigeria 1. Ibadan is known for being the biggest city in Sub-Saharan Africa, but it’s also one of the most appealing cities on Nigerian soil. Calabar has a beautiful landscape, and boasts of organisation in development. Adjudged one of the most exciting cities to live in Nigeria, Port Harcourt is the capital city of Rivers State, an oil rich region of the Niger-Delta. If yes then this article is for you, just read on as we reveal the top 5 beautiful cisties Nigeria. This city is the capital city of Imo State and the largest, as it covers over 4000 hectares of land and one of the prides of the Igbo race. Aha! Calabar was often described as the capital of Nigeria as a result of initiatives that were implemented during the Duke administration which make the city one of the friendliest and cleanest cities in Nigeria. This is the top 5 most beautiful cities in Nigeria, if you have any objection/suggestion regarding this list, please use the comment box below to drop your contribution. English is commonly spoken in this city.

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