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But I’m curious to hear what you guys have found. So that I think it’s going to be really interesting to see. 957 Fans. People who are just saying, “Oh, here’s how I’m mixing my Truly today.” But I think that alcohol does have this really interesting space there and people are being playful with it. And by that I mean that when you have such a tight correlation between what you’ve previously watched and what you are going to be served up in the future, I think it creates a real homogeneity. Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/marisasergi/. A: I think what makes the platform so interesting — I realize I’ve talked on a large majority of this podcast — I’ve never made a single TikTok. We’ve brought them over to TikTok, some of them are doing well, some of them not as much. Haus, whose co-founders I interviewed, is a perfect example. Those good vibes have come back to Apodaca too. Created Nov 19, 2018. Dubbing their drinks “prison wine,” TikTok teens are showing others how to ferment alcohol with simple ingredients like juice, fruit, and active yeast, all from the comfort of a dorm room. Yes, not everyone makes videos, but silent watchers still count. KOMİK WİNE (@mami34.can) on TikTok | 80 Likes. If you enjoy listening to us every week, please leave us a review or rating on iTunes, Stitcher, Spotify, or wherever it is that you get your podcasts. Although not on TikTok themselves, the Spanish winery, Cava Vives Ambros has definitely made a huge mark on TikTok. Zach: And in Seattle, Washington, I’m Zach Geballe. It’s a great place to understand what people are interested in right now, regardless of age, I think. That’s why I love this cocktail thing. Video shows ‘Tactical Karen’ destroying children’s BLM art wall outside school, AOC’s Among Us stream was one of the biggest in Twitch history, Video shows anti-masker punching flight attendant over mask requirement, According to the Center for Disease Control, Soulmate POV TikTok trend riffs on a fanfic trope, TikTok paper towel challenge elevates an old meme. Unfortunately it was really, really badly damaged the last couple of days. Very heavily stocked, making drinks, and it looks like he’s in a professional bar. It was true on Instagram. And it isn’t to say that you can’t necessarily be both, but I think about a lot of the examples that you’ve given and I think the person who might watch some guy with an elaborate home bar make really fancy elaborate cocktails, that might be entertaining for you, and for lots of people. Chris Howell, the winemaker, is a really lovely guy. 1.7k. But it is very hard to make a compelling piece of video and audio content about something that is deeply experiential. E: He has won all sorts of top bartender of the year awards for every award. Look, I’m the first person to pooh-pooh influencers. And so I think that’s why you see flair bartending so big because it looks cool. But at the time, they could get away with it because they were smaller, and it’s all self-policing anyways. It’s someone who’s really good at making cocktails and also photographing them, and TikTok actually rewards, a little bit, the opposite. E: Yeah, I’m going to have to get myself one of those little cute barrels and a little barrel aged one on the counter. I might go, “Wow, that guy has a bunch of cool bottles,” but I’m not going to buy some obscure black walnut liqueur just because I saw this guy make a drink with it. And then yes, you could start following them. Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/imperiale_bolgheri/. So it’s not about creating this profile where you’re pushing people over and over “Follow me, follow me, follow me, follow me. Flair bartending is having more than a moment, it is dominant on that platform and booming. I think we do a very good job with Keith’s 15 second wine reviews. Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/cava_vives_ambros/. And, for me, this specific wine that I’m thinking of is from Cain, which is one of my favorite wineries there on Spring Mountain. I think that’s what makes each interesting for different people, and why everyone has to play around with whatever platforms they’re on to figure out what they like. Be the first to get the 100 winners and a recommended wines menu in your inbox on June 18, 2021. Z: Erica, maybe you need your own Manhattan in a bag or box; that way it’s even easier to make yourself a Manhattan. Welcome to r/TikTokThots This place is full of Thots that can be found on TikTok. Follow the Reddiquette. Interesting. note: This episode has been edited for length and clarity. And I think what’s interesting about it is it really is allowing those that are more entertaining, those that are providing a service for people are getting more views. Of course, being the most active app right now, we need to take advantage of it as much as we can. And, the thing I’ve been doing, which I think is an amazing trick for people, is mini Manhattans. @charlidamelio. It’s a very classic Bordeaux blend using the five principle Bordeaux varieties. Bottles on a bar can be clunky, and not that the bottles for a Negroni are usually that difficult to fit in there, but I want more things in a bag and box please. It’s awesome. And a lot of the videos that are being posted are from Russia, from throughout Europe, from Asia, most of the cocktails that you’re seeing are in metric measurements, they’re not in the States.

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