totalitarianism vs authoritarianism

This following website suggests otherwise. He didn’t really appeal to the citizens and pretty much everyone, especially farmer and Catholics, knew that if they opposed his communistic rule he would kill you. Additionally, modern nation states have one common culture, a constitution, a currency system and a distinct national language. Examples of characteristics that might be present in a totalitarian state include: Typically, the characteristics of a totalitarian state tend to cause people to fear their government. It is the people who decide what they want and their interests are communicated or represented in national decision making through a representative elected by the majority (Perry & Perry 212). In the presidential system due to the chief executive being both a symbol of unity and a political actor, there is fear of holding him or her accountable for political action. Early examples of totalitarian states include Germany under Adolf Hitler and Italy under Benito Mussolini. 31K . having huge oil deposits (Niou et al 147). Differences between Fascism And Totalitarianism ideologies and their applications, Difference between Tyranny and Dictatorship, Difference Between Collectivism and Individualism, Difference Between Labor Day and Memorial Day, Difference Between Whistleblower and Leaker, Difference Between Collectivism and Communism, The Difference Between Collectivism and Socialism, Difference Between Isolationism and Imperialism, Difference Between Vitamin D and Vitamin D3, Difference Between LCD and LED Televisions, Difference Between Mark Zuckerberg and Bill Gates, Difference Between Civil War and Revolution. However, once citizens have subjected themselves to a government, they accept control and directions of the government with regard to public affairs. A nation state is a defined territory occupied by people of a given cultural background. A notable fact about totalitarianism is that in the totalitarianism form of regime the dictator enjoys the charisma about him in the minds of the people. Power of a state is basically understood in terms of level of influence a country has in the international system. As colonial territories got independence, the states in the international system increased. Some of the primary components of power are military, economy, technology, leadership, geography and natural endowments e.g. Today, few governments publicly describe themselves as fascist. According to Cline, the exact power of a nation is interplay between capacity of its people; the critical mass (C), the economy of the country (e), the military might of the county (M). , are forms of government. The PMO ensures cabinet decisions or legislative interests as supported in parliament. The way political institutions and political interest groups interact defines a political system. Popularly, it is believed that a democratic government is an all inclusive … Fascism was first seen in Italy during World War I, later spreading to Germany and other European countries during World War II. Alliances can be formed at any time leading to defeat of otherwise superior nations. Totalitarianism is authoritarianism that includes government control of the citizens private life. What is Authoritarian – Definition, Characteristics, Examples 3. The internal interactions and aspirations of a people become soft power if they are attractive enough and appeal to others. On the other hand, unitary state procedures are uniform, simple and not time consuming. A state is a territory manned by one government that controls all within the boundaries on behalf of the people in the territory (Perry, & Perry 342). An authoritarian depends upon the help provided by the friendly parties and organizations so that people can be made to follow him. Secondly, the US president has less control over the legislature than the Canadian prime minster. Power in Canada is more centralized in the executive. Participation in decision making is minimal as the executive demand or whim is the law. Contemporary Society: An Introduction to Social Science. & John, William House. and updated on May 19, 2011, Difference Between Similar Terms and Objects, Difference Between Totalitarianism and Authoritarianism, Difference Between Pastrami and Corned Beef, Difference Between Absolutism and Totalitarianism, Difference Between Communism and Totalitarianism. It is the people who decide what they want and their interests are communicated or represented in national decision making through a representative elected by the majority (Perry & Perry 212). There is always a sense of fear in this kind of government. Basically, a political system defines spread of power and the interaction between the different power centers in a society. Examples of individuals who have rules using totalitarianism are Joseph Stalin of USSR, Benito Mussolini of Italy, and Adolf Hitler of Germany. Democracy is a form of governance where power lies with the people. However unlike the authoritarianism administration there is no fear in the minds of people. Totalitarianism and Authoritarianism are two types of dictatorship form of government with some difference between the two. In totalitarian government, one leader may impose given ideas as the popular opinion. The two leaders used national resources and military themselves to entrench themselves. The only advantage of having the two offices merged is to avoid creating to centers of power. The greatest advantage of a market economic system is that it allows for creativity. Secondly, when a country’s industries are not well developed, a free market may mean death for the young industries. Terms of Use and Privacy Policy: Legal. One distinctive feature of totalitarian governments is the existence of an explicit or implied national ideology—a set of beliefs intended to give meaning and direction to the entire society. A mixed economy ensures that weak sectors are properly supported by the government while allowing for trader ingenuity and creativity in sectors that are not sensitive or are mature enough (Pryor 173). On the other hand, totalitarianism goes beyond that and invades the private life of every member of the population, in an attempt to change human nature and society as a whole, often through hermetic ideologies (Stalinism, National Socialism, Maoism but also often forgoten Fundamentalism in religious theocracies). • Both totalitarianism and authoritarianism fall under dictatorship of governance. For example, Britain had major colonies in the south and east of Africa. That is to say, when considering the method of functioning, the totalitarian gets the appreciation of the people by virtue of his sheer prophetic leadership. Authoritarian vs Totalitarian History: Comparison of Authoritarian vs Totalitarian history tells us how these types of governments have evolved over time. However, a nation’s own description of its form of government can often be less than objective. Drawing on those experiences, fascist rulers strive to create a rabidly nationalistic culture of “military citizenship” in which all citizens are willing and prepared to take on some military duties during times of war, including actual combat. The concept of totalitarianism was developed in the 1920s by Italian fascists. The citizen-government interaction revolves around optimal use of limited resources for the benefit of all citizens. Democracy, Authoritarianism and Totalitarianism. An example of a modern nation state is Portugal. The power of a nation state is very important. On the other hand, totalitarianism is a complete form or an extreme form of authoritarianism. When it comes to determining international matters, the super power’s position is followed by others whether they like it or not. In 1964, Juan José Linz, Professor Emeritus of Sociology and Political Science at Yale University, described the four most recognizable characteristics of authoritarian states as: Modern dictatorships such as Venezuela under Hugo Chávez and Cuba under Fidel Castro typify authoritarian governments. As already discussed, the nation state is where people of same cultural characteristics or background are under one political entity or state (Perry, & Perry, 1999, p. 168). In short, an authoritarian can simply be described as a power hungry dictator. Or… I may deem that liberty is the highest social order, and that the sole purpose of my government is to protect my subjects liberty — their right to consent. In common practice, people engage into national politics as a way of protecting or championing for given economic interests. To know and understand the differences between the two, it is better to know deeper each of the regimes. 1648 is a historic year that marked the end of religious driven wars. Simply put, Authoritarianism seeks to repress people that oppose the existing government, but grants a certain liberty to people who don’t refuse or even support the government. As a result, everybody tows the line and institutions do not empower individuals in them to check the executive. The government, therefore, can be looked at as an agent that manages the sovereign state or nation. People automatically follow him being pulled by the power of his leadership. Different interest groups champion for different interests which are encapsulated in the national policy frameworks. The rule of law means that political processes and government decisions are based on the laws of the land. In this kind of arrangement, the individual states have more clout than the union government. Under dual federalism, different states come together to form a union. Secondly, technological advancement especially in communication also augmented development of nation states as it made communication easier and faster. Authoritarianism is the opposite of individualism in democracy, marked by submission to authority. “Authoritarian” is best understood by considering where authority / power rests. The social and economic aspects of the nation are no longer under government control. As an agency, the government in modern states is believed to act in the interest of all citizens always. The market economy allows individuals to exercise their gifts and use their capacity towards creating goods and services that benefit the public (Pryor 160). Such is the case with totalitarianism, authoritarianism, and fascism. Fascists observed how rapid, mass military mobilizations during World War I blurred the lines between the roles of civilians and combatants. The majority in democracies have a very bloody history of violating liberty and consent. Therefore, in the exercise of his or her influence over parliamentarians or in parliament, he or she facilitates positive reception of cabinet decisions or policy interests. Capitalist economies tend towards market economies while communist economies tend towards planned economies or protectionism (Pryor 268). Thus, a democratic state is one in which power emanates from the people. • In totalitarianism, the leader is automatically followed by the people due to his charisma. • Categorized under Ideology,Politics | Difference Between Totalitarianism and Authoritarianism. Opposition is quashed violently. Rather than trying to allay that fear, totalitarian rulers encourage it and use it to ensure the people’s cooperation. Ray Cline developed a formula for measuring individual nation’s power.

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