uss albacore ww2, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 20 October 2020, at 16:32. At about 0800 the next morning, 19 June, Albacore raised her periscope and found herself in the midst of Ozawa's main carrier group. At 1330, a tremendous explosion jolted Taiho and blew out the sides of the carrier. In some sources, Sylvester Martin Wright, Steward's Mate,

USS Albacore (SS-218) Compiled by Paul W. Wittmer and Charles R. Hinman, originally from: U.S.

Two days later, she blew up the destroyer Sazanami with four shots from her stern tubes.

National Personnel Records Center, St. Louis, and muster rolls of USS (surf.

Vessel was burning when Albacore was driven under by aircraft. [9] See fastest animals. She fired six torpedoes at a large merchant ship on 25 October but recorded no hits.

Albacore had in fact downed the light cruiser Tenryu, a 3,300-ton vessel and the second Japanese cruiser sunk by an American submarine in World War II.

During the next few days, she made only one contact a Japanese convoy which she encountered on 11 June. Research has shown that Ray Ellis Davis was the man who was lost with his shipmates on Albacore. This time, the submarine suffered considerable damage. James W. Blanchard relieved Hagberg of command. Albacore put into port at Brisbane, Australia, on 30 December 1942.

Blanchard allowed one Japanese carrier to pass unharmed and selected a second one for his target.

He served on LST-221 after the War. However, a plane from the 5th Air Force bombed her and caused her to lose contact with the Japanese ships. Albacore put into port at Brisbane, Australia, on 30 December 1942.

"Then they picked up a POW someplace who said Taiho went down in the Battle of the Philippine Sea.

She finally managed to return to the surface with her trim almost restored. Albacore returned to Brisbane on 26 May. On 24 November, the submarine spotted a convoy of two cargo vessels and their escorts.

USS Albacore (SS-218) was a Gato-class submarine which served in the Pacific Theater of Operations during World War II, winning four Presidential Unit Citations and nine battle stars for her service. Albacore maneuvered into position and fired two stern tubes but neither torpedo found its target. 311'9", b. After a chase of nearly seven hours, the Japanese ships disappeared astern, and Albacore then surfaced to clear the immediate area. ), 8.75 k. On 4 September, she encountered a two-ship convoy protected by two escorts and sank one of the ships, Heijo Maru, with three torpedo hits made shortly after the initial contact. While the submarine was diving to escape, her crew heard one solid torpedo explosion. Admiral Nimitz had ordered this move in the hope of enabling the submarine to intercept a Japanese task force under Admiral Ozawa reportedly steaming from Tawi Tawi toward Saipan. However before the submarine could maneuver into attack position, a Japanese aircraft forced her to dive and lose contact The submarine surfaced soon thereafter and picked up five survivors. On 23 August, Albacore left to patrol roughly the same area as on her previous assignment. [4][5] There are claims that the Russian titanium submarine K-162 reached 44.7 knots (83 km/h) on sea trials, fully submerged, in 1969. In 1968 there was an incident when a Soviet November-class submarine tracked an American carrier group traveling at 31 knots (57 km/h). Off the north coast of New Guinea, she spotted 11 targets in as many days.


About that same time, 25 depth charges began raining down on the submarine. 1,526 (surf.

She made brief fuel stops at Tulagi and Midway before reaching Pearl Harbor on 22 February. Submarine Veterans of World War II assigned USS Albacore (SS … The first group, encountered on 20 February, consisted of a destroyer and a frigate escorting a minelayer.

60; a. 1 3", 4 ma. Photographs and personal information are needed as indicated in She terminated her patrol at Brisbane on 26 September. Sources: R, D, Ros, SFLM, WDR Remarks: No reports of finding wreckage. This time, her area was around the Solomon and Bismarck Islands and off the north coast of New Guinea.

Origin of discrepancy (86) found in Sub Losses (1946 and 1963, although he is not listed in 1949) and in Christley, who mistakenly included Sylvester M(artin) Wright. OneÑor possibly twoÑtorpedoes hit on the first ship; but none struck the second. A third ship equipped with sound gear joined the group and continued the hunt. Location sunk is 41.49N, 141.11E No one on Albacore thought Taiho had sunk. After a two-hour chase, the Japanese retired, and Albacore shifted her patrol area to Vitiaz Strait. "Months and months went by," Blanchard recalled. She spotted a Japanese submarine on 31 August but was unable to press home an attack.

Albacore left Mare Island on 5 May and held training exercises with Shad (SS-235) en route to Hawaii. When Albacore ended her patrol at Brisbane on 11 March, she was credited with sinking one destroyer and a frigate for a total of 2,250 tons lost. 10 21" tt. [3] The Akula (Russian: shark)-class vessel is reportedly capable of travelling submerged at 35 knots (65 km/h), its predecessor, the Alfa class, could attain short speed bursts of 40–45 knots (74–83 km/h) while submerged. Home   Albacore Sunk by deck gun fire. Oscar E. Hagberg relieved Lt. Comdr.

At 1548, the conning of ficer finally spotted the Japanese attackers, two submarine chasers and an airplane. WWII   Two days later, on 26 November, Albacore herseff became the quarry. In the following days, Albacore attacked one tanker, several freighters, and another destroyer. was lost with his shipmates on Albacore.

One of the torpedoes had hit Ozawa's flagship, the 31 000-ton carrier Taiho the newest and largest floating air base in the Japanese fleet. Albacore torpedoed the "transport," and it exploded in a mass of flames and sank. The submarine resubmerged, and it was decided to continue the patrol while simultaneously making necessary repairs.

27'3", dr. 19'3"; s. 20.25 k. The Akula (Russian: shark )-class vessel is reportedly capable of travelling submerged at 35 knots (65 km/h), its predecessor, the Alfa class , could attain short speed bursts of … site.

*Previously, this page listed Roy Edgar Davis as an Albacore crew USS Albacore, Port of Portsmouth Maritime Museum & Albacore Park, "General Dynamics Electric Boat Press Releases - 2006".

She expended seven torpedoes and scored two hits. (subm.

Lake made a submerged approach and fired three torpedoes at the leading ship and two at the second. The ships crisscrossed over Albacore close enough for propeller noise to reverberate throughout the submarine and compelled her to proceed under her most silent running conditions. Black marlin - the fastest fish on the planet. Albacore arrived back at Brisbane and began a refit alongside Fulton (AS-11). Albacore won the Presidential Unit Citation for her second third, eighth, and ninth patrols and nine battle stars for her service during World War II.

Albacore found Agano on 12 November and tried to attack, but Japanese destroyers held the submarine down with a four-hour depth charge barrage. All Rights Reserved. After Ozawa left Taiho was torn by a second explosion and sank stern first, carrying down 1,650 officers and men.

He fired six bow tubes. Albacore put in to Majuro on 15 July. Submarine Veterans of World War II During this patrol, she sighted three separate convoys and attacked two.

Then Blanchard heard ra distant and persistent explosion of great force" followed by another. Richard Cross Lake in command. Click He believed that the best way to handle gasoline fumes was to open up the ship's ventilation system and let them disperse throughout the ship. Two Japanese destroyers depth charged her, and the explosions caused numerous small leaks around the cable packing glands in the pressure hull.

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