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Miss Spider | Vixey | The tour is short-lived, however, as the heat begins to shrivel Peri's wings. Sylvia Marpole |

Rolly |

Ariel | Vidia loses the bet, having been tricked by Peter Pan and the Lost Boys and seems less than happy about being Rani's servant. Atka | Monker Muddlefoot | The personality of Vidia in the films change much. Fast-flying fairy VIDIA is always quick with a clever comment—especially when her friends suggest helping the NeverBeast.

Canciones, videos, video lyrics y letras originales de Beret. Mouse | Eeyore | Family Urchin | Vidia Fairy subscribed to a channel 11 months ago BERET - Channel. Physical Appearance: /* ]]> */. Vidia actually cares for Tinker Bell's well-being, though she will rarely admit it. Maurice | Ben Ali Gator | Sophie Piper | Big Mama | Pecos Bill | Ansem the Wise | Genie (2019) | Emma | Ranjan | She ends up leading a quest to save Tink, feeling guilt-ridden about things. Books: Tales of Pixie Hollow • Disney Fairies (Graphic Novels) • The Never Girls • Disney Fairies: Chiisana Yousei Petite no Nikki With the rain still going strong outside, Tinker Bell and the others bestow pixie dust upon Lizzy so that she may fly them to her father. While saving Tink she was captured by Dr. Griffiths, who had initially planned to show her to other scientists before his daughter Lizzy convinced him to let Vidia go. Edmund Pevensie | Abby Mallard | The fairy, eventually named Tinker Bell, becomes a tinker fairy. She learns that Tinker Bell is her sister when their wings both glow. Flora | Nick Parker | Strelitzia | Ienzo | Later on, Vidia and her friends rush to the doctor after Tinker Bell freezes her wings by purposefully crossing the border to the snow, frozen Winter Woods. Scat Cat | As a reward, Tink, Vidia, and the others, sprinkle pixie dust on Dr. Griffiths, so he may fly through the London skies alongside his daughter. Tito | GoGo Tomago | With Vidia's guilt now abolished, the fairies move on, with Clank and Bobble finding the house. Vidia and Tinkerbell seeing everyone sleeping. Borra | Clopin | One day the fairy Queen's crown was found missing, Queen Clarion called for a special meeting of everyone in Pixie Hollow. Shadow |

Ursula Stanhope | Periwinkle and the frost fairies use their ability to preserve the Pixie Dust Tree, which proves successful. The healing-talent fairy ensures that Tinker Bell would be fine, and the friends are able to depart. Aslan |

Vidia is one of the main characters, initially the main antagonist of Disney's 2008 film Tinker Bell.

She is confident and caring in her own way. Colonel Haiti | As a reward, Tink, Vidia, and the others, sprinkle pixie dust on Dr. Griffiths, so he may fly through the London skies alongside his daughter. Vidia | Cash | Vid (by friends) Lieutenant Mattias | Pip | Pleakley | Sarabi | Jinmay | Chip Potts | Vidia è la fata del volo veloce, un talento davvero raro. A true pro, Nyx takes her job very seriously—maybe too seriously. During the summertime, Vidia and many other fairies and sparrow men have journeyed to the mainland to attend Fairy Camp. When Vidia and the others meet Periwinkle, Vidia is surprised by the striking similarities she shares with Tinker Bell, but nevertheless, welcomes her and warns her that Tinker Bell may be a little tricky to get along with. Queen Elsa | Ron Wilson | Vincenzo Santorini | Frou-Frou | With Vidia's guilt now abolished, the fairies move on, with Clank and Bobble finding the house. But when Rani offers to trade her wings to gain a mermaid's comb, she cannot bring herself to do the job, leaving it up to Prilla instead. When the human girl ends up taking Tink to her home, Vidia puts all of her differences with the tinker aside to rescue her. Roger Radcliffe | Mighty Joe Young | Muses | She is a fast-flying fairy. Evelyn Robin | Maximus | google_ad_width = 728; For spring! Angus McBadger | Conall | Frank Wilson | Ting-Ting, Su, and Mei | Video Games: Disney Fairies: Tinker Bell • Kinect Disneyland Adventures • Just Dance: Disney Party • Disney Fairies Fly • Pixie Hollow (Fairies Online) A Pixie Hollow Games outfit and a Winter outfit, which she wears in.

As the adventure progresses, Vidia begins to feel more and more guilty about Tinker Bell's capture, eventually confessing to the others that she slammed the door, causing Tinker Bell to get trapped in the makeshift house. Zeus | Stanley Yelnats IV | Later on, Tinker Bell attempts to befriend Vidia, but Vidia immediately dislikes her because of her unusually strong talent. If the fairies do not think of something, the Pixie Dust Tree would be destroyed and no fairy would fly again. Benny the Squirrel | Rosetta | My mouth was open!" Tinker Bell and the Great Fairy Rescue (DS), Tinker Bell and the Great Fairy Rescue (2010), Fairy Dust and the Quest for the Egg (2005 book), Fairy Haven and the Quest for the Wand (2007 book), Fairies and the Quest for Never Land (2010 book), Disney Fairies Storybook Library (2010 collection), Silvermist and the Ladybug Curse (2008 book), Tinker Bell and the Legend of the NeverBeast, Disney Fairies: Tinker Bell and the Lost Treasure, Disney Fairies: Tinker Bell and the Great Fairy Rescue. Larry the Anaconda |

Ethan | Rapunzel | When a new fairy arrives in Pixie Hollow, Vidia and the other fairies are present to witness what talent she shall become. Vidia is first seen attending to her normal duties as a fast-flying fairy, creating a smooth breeze. Signature To teach Tink a lesson, Vidia uses her wind ability to slam the door shut. She appears to be on his side but is still loyal to the fairies. Roquefort | When Vidia wouldn't go after the wand in Fairy Haven and the Quest for the Wand, Mother Dove had her locked in Rani's room. Shorts.

She seems nicer and eventually becomes somewhat friends with the others. Dr. Griffiths quickly makes his way to London to reveal Vidia to a group of scientists.

In Four Clues for Rani, pairs up with Dulcie for the Fairy Treasure Hunt. Madeline Robin |

Despite her negative traits, Vidia ultimately has a good heart, most notably seen in Tinker Bell and the Great Fairy Rescue where she follows after Tinker Bell to ensure she stays out of trouble and traps her in a fairy-sized house made by a human girl in an attempt to teach Tink a good lesson on how dangerous human things can be. Ludwig Von Drake | To get extra pixie dust, Vidia plucked ten feathers from Mother Dove and ground them herself. Tadashi Hamada | Not only does she feel she is the best in speed, but the best fairy overall and berates anyone who thinks otherwise. When all is said and done, Vidia is sly, grouchy, vindictive, and narcissistic, but has a good heart. Anastasia Tremaine | Magic Carpet (2019) | They sneak inside but are suddenly attacked by the humans' cat, Mr. Twitches. Troy Bolton | She fell in love with Kyto in Fairies and the Quest for Never Land. Jane Porter | At the end, she helped Gwendolyn distract Kyto, while the other fairies captured him.

And when I go to the Mainland, I'll prove just how important we are! Silvermist | Vidia and Zephyr took second place in the finals, though during the cart race they were eliminated when their cart crashed while taking a shortcut. Vidia managed to pluck two of her feathers before Beck was able to return- Beck managed to stop the third attempt, catching Vidia in the act.

Gribble | Grandmother Fa | Tiana | Dani Dennison | Vidia appears in the fifth Tinker Bell film, where she and her friends go after Zarina, who has stolen the blue pixie dust from Pixie Hollow. While Prilla distracts Captain Hook, Vidia helps Rani take his cigar holder and later plucks the feather from the golden hawk. Wreck-It Ralph |

But because there was no longer any challenge in trying to fly as fast as she could, it was no longer enjoyable, thus her wish (as Mother Dove had predicted) "broke her heart."

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